‘You’re not fit to call yourselves men,’ Sarah Hanson-Young tells senators

Queensland LNP senator Barry O’Sullivan made a slur against Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young in the Senate yesterday. In retaliation, Greens leader Richard Di Natale called O’Sullivan a ‘pig’ and then refused to withdraw his comments. Hanson-Young then gave a fiery speech calling out the men she said had ‘slut-shamed’ her, including Fraser Anning and Cory Bernardi

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35 thoughts on “‘You’re not fit to call yourselves men,’ Sarah Hanson-Young tells senators”

  1. she is a real woman though, trying to shame men for existing while she does nothing important, you can see that in the comments of all these real women

  2. Real women are fit and feminine not masculine. She’s not fit in physicality indeed! She’s out of control. Respect is earned not entitled because of the gender you are!

  3. Wait….so I can't call out women by their past yet they can do it to me? That's not equality. Also she pulled out the troops in Afghan so bye bye the women in that country 🙁

    But yeah those men are appalling especially being childish at that age.

  4. The title of this video is sexist. She is shaming men who don't conform to traditional male gender roles. I will define masculinity on my own terms.

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