Why Japanese Prostitutes Choose to Serve Disabled People

■Why Japan’s Porn Industry May Go Away

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0:00 Intro
0:32 Why they choose to work in that
5:59 Disable people’s views
8:20 Why it’s needed
9:41 Outro

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30 thoughts on “Why Japanese Prostitutes Choose to Serve Disabled People”

  1. 保険適用?なんか綺麗事になってるけど金儲けでしょ(笑)身体の自由が効かないからその後のケアがね、不潔になりがちいらない感情を刺激していらない病気を広げないようにね

  2. That thinking that disable people don't need sex is straight up STUPID. The persons are physically disabled but their hormones are NOT and their need to for intimate with partners are all still normal.

  3. Wow they are really professional and have passion on being the best in their job to give back to the society. They are good people who are so considerate.

  4. Sex work is real work just as a musician and artist is. It should be legal with regulations. Everyone needs sex when they are lonely and horny and everyone needs money for their work. It's the oldest profession in the world…🤷‍♂️

  5. they are trying to decriminalize sexual work. Sexual work is not a job, i am 100% that if those women could earn a proper income from somethibg else, they would never choose prostitution.

  6. she is nice person despite prostitute and her social work is appreciated. I met a cab driver who was ex gigolo, and he was talking to me nice and told me his past when I was going to another city.

  7. If you are a dude you are a dude whether you're disabled or not And there money is just as good as a normal guy Would imagine that would be an entire market That they were missing out on

  8. Disabled people have the same rights to happiness as everyone else. I didn’t think this would even be a question unless maybe they can’t afford the services or something.

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