White Trash Bruschetta and Henny Wings: Fuck, That's Delicious (Episode 3)

Action Bronson often tours the UK, so it was only a matter of time before an episode of Fuck, That’s Delicious descended upon dear Old Blighty. Mr. Wonderful hit the London streets to expose himself to the culinary masses, from eating piping hot char siu bao (steamed Chinese barbecue pork buns) in London’s Chinatown at Kowloon Restaurant, grilled “Michael Jackson” lamb chops at Lahore Kebab House, to Liverpool’s beloved meat stew, scouse, at Maggie Mae’s.

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32 thoughts on “White Trash Bruschetta and Henny Wings: Fuck, That's Delicious (Episode 3)”

  1. Bobby is also the alias i use in strange NPC encounters, shout out hank hill, also i would of gave you free chicken even if i didn't know who you are, id say nice ink have a good day.

  2. Pro tip: If you ever venture into the East side of London, Tower of Hamlets, Whitechapel, and Brick Lane, you'll get the most authentic Indian cuisine out there outside of India. I remember going to a different Indian restaurant nearby on Feldgate called Tayyabs (I bet Lahore is also just as great too) and it was incredible even though it gets very crowded.

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