Tips on How to Get Back With Your Ex After a Breakup


If you regret breaking up with your ex and wish to get back with that significant other, you must not act as a needy or clingy person after the break-up. You must act as if he does not matter to you anymore and not as someone desperate for his love and attention. You may feel the strong yearning to call or see him but you must not give in to your feelings in the early stage of the break-up. Give you and your ex some space for a while.

If he doesn’t call or text you, don’t spend your time pondering about it. You both have just broken up, so let time heal the pain and anger that you both feel. Do something creative or fun in your spare time like taking up a hobby you never did, becoming active in your local community or taking a holiday for a few days. Let your mind be preoccupied with other matters not related to your relationship.

The best way to get your ex to notice you is to play hard to get. You must distance yourself for some time, acting like you are perfectly fine and as if nothing has happened. For the couple of weeks following the break up, you should not answer the phone if he calls you and ignore him if he comes over to invite you out on a date or something.

After some time has passed, the final step to getting back with your ex is to intentionally run into him, perhaps at a party or a club. At the same time, it would be better if you make it appear accidental and innocent. Of course, if you knew beforehand that your ex would be at the same party or club you are going to, it would be best to dress up nicely and make yourself look great but not overly sexy. You don’t want to appear like you’re trying to seek his attention. If he comes over to see you, you can talk casually with him. Don’t be emotional and start badgering him about the conflicts you have had with your ex. Be calm and talk to him as a friend.

Once again, you must never show to your ex that you were eager and desperate to see him. Leave him to own up to his part of the bargain. If he is serious about getting back with you, you must make him understand that he must earn your trust in order to have a relationship. In this way, he will also learn to respect you and will not take you for granted the next time round.


Source by Lyna Murray

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