Tips on How to Get a Girlfriend – Captivating The Girl of Your Dreams


Does single-blessedness suddenly seem not so blessed anymore? If you’re wracking your brain for tips on how to get a girlfriend, here they are, before Valentine’s day rolls past and you’re love-less still.

Be visible.

Short of announcing your availability to the world, a more subtle way of showing you’re unattached is to make the rounds. Don’t expect to get yourself a girlfriend if you stay ensconced in your room, stuck with just fantasizing about having a girlfriend. Socialize and mingle. Allow your friends to do the matchmaking for you.

If you’re uncomfortable with the idea of meeting someone new, perhaps you could go on a group date. Having some other friends with you to help you cope with the anxiety of meeting someone new can minimize the jitters and allow you to feel more confident and safe in your own skin.

Take it slow.

Don’t rush into a relationship. Don’t give your girl friend an impression you’re psycho by calling and emailing nonstop. Ask her whether it would be fine to call her.

Let her feel comfortable with you first. Instead of a full-course dinner, just take her out for coffee. A casual setting such as a cafe will give her time to let down her guard and get to know you more. If things turn out the way you desired, then you just may be lucky enough to be able to ask her out again.

Be sincere.

Flattery will get you nowhere, unless you really mean it. Avoid spewing cheesy lines you’ve obviously parroted from Jerry Maguire. This will only make you appear fake and insincere.

Be respectful.

Treat her the way you’d want other guys to treat your sister, your mother or any woman you care about. If she turns down your invitations, do not force getting her to go out with you. There are always other opportunities to meet other girls. Who knows, she might even change her mind and call you back.

Be creative and original.

Flowers and chocolates are nice gifts; but admittedly, they are quite boring and generic. Give her something unusual, something she will truly appreciate, something that tells her you’ve put a lot of thought into it. You may have to do a bit of research and enlist the cooperation of her friends to know what stuff she’s into. They will be more than happy to assist you. Not only will this pleasantly surprise her, but it will get you the all-important nod of approval from her friends as well.


Don’t keep talking about yourself and your most daring exploits. A meaningful conversation is a two-way street. Make eye contact when she tells you something. Give her your riveted attention and make her feel like she is your whole world.

Be consistent.

So she finally said yes, she would be your girlfriend. This is no reason for you to slack and simply forget about that stage when you were doing your darned best to romance her. That stage will never be over, even after you’ve won her over. Keep on wooing her, and make it a daily habit. Romancing a woman constantly would be the best decision you’ve ever made. It makes life easier for you both, and she’ll be more receptive to your wants and needs, too. Not to mention that giving love is pretty fulfilling also.

Research and Learn More.

A good way to start in this endeavor would be to get to know yourself. The more you find out about yourself and get in touch with who you are, the more you will learn how to handle others. Read up and learn more on how to handle yourself and others, especially women. Apply this knowledge, and you will be great with the ladies in no time.

Above these tips on how to get a girlfriend, always bear in mind that being a gentleman and treating her like a queen is the way to her heart. If you want to get and keep her, by all means, go the gentleman’s way and woo her with as much romance as you can muster. I’m sure, you won’t go wrong here.


Source by Michael Lee

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