There Are Over A Million Websites That Cater To Men Looking To Meet Russian Women


If you do a Search on the Goggle search engine under the Key Words Russian brides, over a million websites are listed. Virtually all of them are in the introduction business. They sell names, addresses and telephone numbers of Russian women seeking Western men.

Many of them provide other services such as email forwarding, translation services, tours, and the procurement of gifts for your prospective woman. Many of them offer bits of advice on letter writing, Russian customs, tips on winning her heart, et cetera.

These sites provide valuable services to those seeking to meet a Russian woman for romance. However, when I was starting out on my path, there was no place I could turn for an objective overview of the entire process.

I had to piece together an approach after looking over hundreds of sites. I’m the type to see a goal to its end and I was successful due to perseverance.

However, my path could have been a lot faster, easier, and less costly if I had the book in my hand that you now have.

Let’s assume you have the time, energy, and money to pursue a Russian woman and let’s assume you are willing to make a commitment to see your journey through to completion. Just how does a man go about wooing, winning, and wedding the woman of his dreams?

Even if Russian women are the most beautiful, intelligent, exciting women in the world, and they are, how do you meet a woman who is halfway around the world, who comes from a different country and culture, and who speaks a different language? How do you go about making the dream a reality?

Wooing a Russian woman can be a daunting task – especially if you don’t know the first thing about it.

This book is written from a Western man’s perspective and tells you exactly how to bring your dream into reality.

This book outlines a complete plan of the nuts and bolts, step-by-step process of wooing, winning, and wedding the woman of your dreams. I wish I had such a book when I was starting out.

You can avoid the costly mistakes I made – mistakes that cost me time and money and heartache. It is meant to provide a resource that is sorely missing in this world.

I try to present the information in this book as though I were telling my brother or my best friend how to go about this process. Although we have not yet met, I feel a responsibility to pass on what I have learned to those following in my footsteps.

I may give examples from my own experience from time to time. They are meant to be instructive. I may share my opinions on certain subjects. Again they are meant to provide a lens through which to view the situation.

Your experience and your perspective may be different.


Source by John Kunkle

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