In this video we show you the very best of Izmir, in Turkey.
(az sonra Türkçe altyazılı seçebileceksiniz)
Possibly the most cosmopolitan city in Turkey with a modern outlook and very similar to many cities in Europe. Izmir is a big city so we have concentrated on showing you the central Konak and Alsancak area of the city, where most visitors would stay. We were also lucky enough to be there for the Izmir International Fair and Independence Day (Kurtuluş Günü).

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Varuna Gezgin Pub & Restaurant
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  1. You are a source of good knowledge.
    We will visit Izmir after two weeks, living on Otel 86 just opposite the old town.
    And we will have some Izmir bombaci. We even saw them in Çesme this year.
    Bus from Ayvalik.

  2. Every time one enters a new city one needs to buy a common new bus/ferry,/tram etc card/kart. I hope and I wish the govt brings about a single card, which can be used in all cities of Turkey like the museum kart/ sim card,/Bank card to avoid the hassles of buying a new cart for every new city one travels…. This can avoid wastage of time money etc …

  3. You two have done an excellent job showing Izmir with the cinematography and storytelling of this documentary. I have had a growing interest in Turkey, especially Istanbul, and to a lesser extent Antalya and Cappadocia, but now Izmir has taken up all my attention. This city looks like a really great place to live.

  4. old geezer can’t stop talking about how great it was when the greeks were around. guess they shouldn’tve invaded and massacred turks if they didn’t want local greeks to be not exiled huh?

  5. Thank You for this lovely video! I am Turkish, but I've never been to İzmir. Now that I got accepted into a university there, I wanted to see what the city was like before moving, and this video made me excited to spend the next 4 years of my life in this beautiful city. On top of that, I learned a lot about ıt❤

  6. Hi there, I've just seen the video. Lovely. About Kadifekale's name… Known as Pagos in ancient sources, the hill that's now been called Kadifekale got it's name from a story about the castle written by Evliya Çelebi (who wrote the travelogue Seyahatname – Book of Travels, in which he mentions a reigning queen of the area, Queen Kaydafe – whom he calls 'The queen of İstanbul and Izmir. He actually wrote "Kaydafe Kale" . So in time, it's come to known as Kadifekale. That's the story. Take care, good luck to you both and congrats and thanks !

  7. Hi mick and trudie. Excellent video as always. Thank you. I wish to thank you guys for all the videos that I've watches. I was in fethiye and had a holiday of a lifetime. Thank you very much for all the informative videos. You guys rock

  8. What a wonderful video, especially for me! Why me? Because my Father was in the US Navy, and in 1953 he was assigned to Izmir for two years, 1953-55, and so he took our entire family there from San Diego, California via prop plane across the Atlantic, stopping on a rainy night in Frankfurt to change planes, to Athens, to change planes (prop planes aren't JETS, LOL) and by morning we landed in Izmir's airport and took a car to the city of Izmir where the first time in my life I saw lots of camels on the streets. How exciting it was!. I was almost 7 years old and my sister 9 years old. We went to school in an American school housed in an apartment building near Alsanchak, where we lived across our back fence of a mosque, the Alsancak Hocazade Camii, across our back fence, probably the Chims Line cafe building now on 1392 Sk. I am now nearly 76. We visited Ephesus while we lived in Izmir. I recall the castle on the hill where I remember being told that the Apostle Paul was once there, and of course Izmir, the old Smyrna, is the city where Polycarp lived and was martyred in the second century AD. I do remember in those days the shopping markets, but at that time there were no skyscrapers, underground rails, or highways. There were FEW cars and we got around often via horse and carriage. My parents talked of Ataturk, and the recent past, but I didn't learn about that history until I went to school again in the USA. Eisenhower was our President while we were in Izmir, a highlight of my childhood! We returned the USA and NYCity via US Navy passenger ship across the Atlantic, which took 2 weeks and 4 days. On our way through the Mediterranean via ship, we stopped in Naples and toured Pompeii, which in those days wasn't nearly as unearthed as it is today. I can still count to FIVE in Turkish, though it has been many years ago. We did visit Karshiyaka, where I saw the BIGGEST pomegranates I'd ever seen. Coming from San Diego, I found that Izmir has nearly the same climate and weather and layout of the city as San Diego, with it huge bay and waterfront. Our Navy ship left for the USA right along that main waterfront shown in your video. Thank you for this very lovely tour that brought back many great memories of my brief childhood.🌹

  9. sir, you explained our country very well, Izmir is one of the most beautiful cities of Turkey, it was a great video sir, thank you, we are waiting for you again in Turkey

  10. Thank you for an informative video.
    Yes, Izmir is a great place. We have visited it a few times, but it is now some years ago.
    The plan is to go there for some days in the winter. We live on Lesbos, so it is just around the corner.

  11. Name of Kadife Kale(fortress) is coming from 17th century traveler/storyteller Evliya Celebi mentioning Izmir and around was ruled by Queen Kadyafe in ancient times and that fortress was first there built by her dynasty. And during years Kadyafe turned Kadife(which has a meaning 😉)

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