The Tyranny of Domestic Abuse and Violence


Everyone wants a relationship that works, whether we talk about a boyfriend-girlfriend scenario, a live in relationship or marriage. If the foundation crumbles because of unceasing violence by either partner, life can be excruciating. Physical violence can pretty much leave the person absolutely shaken unsure about when another attack will manifest. Women from all accounts are prone to dealing with this horror. The problem is that the person inflicting the pain could be a wonderful human being outside closed doors. This kind of individual derives some form of sadistic pleasure as he as he watches his partner shiver with fear. Since his Jekyll and Hyde persona is part of the deal people notice the kind person because he is a pleasure to be around, in a public place. In private, he wrecks havoc and even gets off on this. Living with someone who exhibits these erratic traits of mood swings can seriously take a toll on a person’s overall health.

There are quite a number of women and girls the world over who experience mental and psychological abuse on a daily basis. The problem is that not many can report this as there is no evidence because the domestic violence is verbal. The reasoning here is that the significant other has not inflicted any visible scars. Mental torture, another form of domestic abuse can play serious havoc with a person’s state of mind and her ability to lead a normal life. Imagine going through life living with someone who does not bat an eyelid about the pain that he is inflicting on his partner! Cruel barbs and tearing the person to shreds is terrible. When the knight in shining armor changes over time, the person believes it is his right to treat his partner shabbily. This is probably because of his lack of self-esteem or what have you; but it can seriously destroy the partner’s basic functioning. Retaliating may not be something that the woman/girl would like to do, in case of serious and long-term repercussions.

Economic and financial abuse can also take a serious toll on a homemaker who has dedicated her life to her spouse and family. When the partner abandons her with a series of debts that she never knew about, also constitutes as a form of violence in the worst possible manner. Lenders are not interested in the problem, they want a solution – get back their investment along with the interest. Using the spouse as a prostitute to gain perverse pleasure is another form of abuse that many women find themselves in without a solution. The person who was sugar, spice, and everything nice during courtship is actually the devil in disguise. The spouse or partner indulging in this form of sexual abuse uses every ruse possible to ensure that the woman he is with does not have a way out of the relationship. To get out of this can be very difficult. The spouse/partner/boyfriend ensures that he has something to use against his partner. He may even use this to his advantage so that the woman never gets out of the rut.

There are so many forms of domestic violence occurring today that it has become quite common. When a woman gets out of a terrible relationship, it takes time to restore her self-confidence. A battered woman may even lose hope with some of the legalese since many forms of abuse is not construed as domestic violence. To get back on track and in the real world can take a longer time than one can expect. The only way forward is to get help from a reliable professional who will help the abused deal with the issues, get strong and move on to a better quality of life. This can take time but after a while, one will definitely be in a happier place without the muck.


Source by Yasmin Andrea Imam

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