The Sick Men Travelling to Brazil for Sex With Children

Children For Sale, Brazil – April 2010: Forced into sex or, unbelievably encouraged by their parents, these children are victims of severe abuse

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Brazil has a lot more to offer than just amazing beaches and remarkable beauty. The many slums are disgraced by child sex trafficking, hundreds of thousands of girls and boys are bought, sold or kidnapped each year.

Forced in to sex or, unbelievably encouraged by their parents, these children are victims of severe abuse. “I left home at age 10. My father abused me” explains Juliana who has sold herself since she was 12 years old. Unemployment and poverty is extremely high in Brazil, when Rosangela was offered a cleaning job by a much older Swiss man, she found it hard to refuse, little did she know she was about to enter the world of trafficking at the age of 17. “He managed to take all my documents, my ID, passport etc, and took me with him.” She became his slave and prisoner. Sex trafficking is an appalling truth to many young people – so why is this allowed to carry on? Could it be because the system itself is crooked?

SIC TV: Ref-4799

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27 thoughts on “The Sick Men Travelling to Brazil for Sex With Children”

  1. So sad that privileged wealthy men, old men travel to such countries just to have sex with children.
    Most countries have laws against sex tourism, but these laws only work if the country they go to is a just society..

  2. This was being investigating by jair messias Bolsonaro, now with the robber Luka back to the scene of crime, the investigation of children sexual traffic is going once again to be archived

  3. I don't feel bad for the parents when they get arrested and shit. If you don't have money to feed yourself stop fking having kids so that you can sex traffic them. These people are fking lazy they sit on their goddamn asses and feed themselves off the money of sex trafficking their children. They literally eat off the abuse that comes off the backs of those children. So no I don't feel bad for them. The last one that I just watched the girl seem like she felt more bad for the parents than she did for the kids. It is freaking disgusting. They have these kids by the goddamn handful. You can't afford to feed yourself but you're going to have 5 to 10 kids. So you can pawn them into sex slavery so you can sit on your ass and not do anything. You don't make no damn sense bro

  4. What's kind of sad is these women who sell themselves on the street to get by, aren't even able to access abortion services. How can you force a woman forced into prostitution to carry and child and give birth to it? Is that a good start for a kid? Born to a prostitute who has nothing and likely addicted to crack. Christ…

  5. The Brazilian government are basically mafia. They are so corrupt and so evil to be allowing this thing to go on and on for decades. Some countries are made to be like this for human trafficking. Brazil, Columbia, Venezuela, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Afghanistan, Syria, Poland, Czechoslovakia, etc…. And many more. Can anybody explain why these countries the laws are so different and open to child pedofiles???? It’s because there are loopholes for the elites to openly operate human trafficking. It’s one of the biggest industries in the world besides war and weapons.

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