The Sex Lives of College Girls Season 1 Recap | The Sex Lives of College Girls | HBO Max

Before the new school year starts at Essex College, revisit all the wild highs and embarrassing lows Kimberly, Bela, Whitney, and Leighton experienced last semester. Season 2 of The Sex Lives of College Girls premieres on HBO Max on November 17.

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20 thoughts on “The Sex Lives of College Girls Season 1 Recap | The Sex Lives of College Girls | HBO Max”

  1. I like this show but I hate how they don’t follow up on the relationships after they end. Leighton broke up with her gf and moved on pretty fast, we didn’t see the gf after that, didn’t see leighton process it or anything. Same with Whitney and her nerd bf. Or Bella and the Catalan guy. The short guy she hooked up with disappeared into thin air too. And as soon as Kimberley broke up with her neighbor hot bf that was it. Kimberly’s acting is also pretty terrible lol. They need to do a better job of following up on an event since this isn’t too sitcomy

  2. I got really baked last night, my wife turned this on (just to be funny she hadn’t ever seen it either), and now I have to figure out how this show is a thing. I have to get to the bottom of this. Do people actually watch this?? Like do people actually hear the lines in this show and laugh?? Actual adults wrote this show?! I was flabbergasted just staring at the TV in utter disbelief at what I was seeing, it was so unfunny and ridiculous that now I believe this show is a money laundering scheme or written by an AI or something.

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