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The Heart of a Woman

2013 was a banner year for transgendered people in America. With the production of Heart of a Woman, we want to continue that kind of visibility with a film that is sexy as well as moving, powerful, filled with emotion and thrills, with an African American trans-woman as the protagonist, Heart of a Woman is unique in that regard: we explore the complex life, loves, and desires of a transgender heroine. She is the center of the narrative.

TERRI is a transgender African American woman who works as a professional dominatrix in the fast paced, high risk world of high paid escorts. Having a college degree, she attempts to further her station in life by applying for various jobs, yet seems to hit roadblocks at every turn and around every corner due to the prejudice facing transgendered people, not only in the corporate world, but in society at large.

Terri lives with DERRICK a very handsome young man with dreams of stardom as an actor. Derrick, also an escort , he offers sexual services that sometimes involves acting out bizarre fantasies.

Into the lives of Terri and Derrick, steps PAMELA. Pamela is an alcoholic and drug addicted stripper/prostitute under the abusive grasp of butch Lesbian pimp, DAWN.

Pamela is taken in by Terri & Derrick and they form a strong, but strange sort of family. With Terri as the mother figure. Their lives are intertwined and turned upside down by Pamela’s erratic and unpredictable behavior and her battle to free herself from Dawn’s vicious yoke.

Heart of a Woman is a gripping drama, based on the life of co-screenwriter/producer Toni Newman and recounted in a chapter in her debut memoir I Rise: The Transformation of Toni Newman. Heart of a Woman is a true story set in a dark world of sadomasochistic sex for hire, drug abuse, violence, glamor, money, and celebrity. It is a story of redemption and love, one unlike any brought to the silver screen.

This groundbreaking screenplay placed in the semi-finals (Top 20) in the Script Showcase Screen-writing competition for originality. And upon completion this will be the first feature film to feature an African-American transgender lead.

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