Tempting Photos of Raquel Welch Leaves Little to the Imagination

Did you know that Raquel Welch attended the 1972 Academy Awards with football player Joe Namath as her date and that she got to shake the hand of Queen Elizabeth II at the 1966 Royal Film Performance of the film Born Free? Raquel Welch was one of the preeminent sex symbols of her generation, and the beloved actress still turns heads today when she deigns to make a public appearance. Although Raquel hasn’t been spotted out in public since September of 2021, audiences can still get a treat by looking at vintage photographs of the star while she was still in her prime!

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00:00 – Intro
00:22 – Raquel Welch on the Set of One Million Years B.C.
00:52 – Raquel Welch Getting Her Hand Kissed by Salvador Dali
01:30 – Raquel Welch with Robin Williams on the Set of the Mork & Mindy
02:04 – Raquel Welch Besides Bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger
02:37 – Raquel Welch with Beatles Member Ringo Starr
03:20 – Raquel Welch Alongside Costar Frank Sinatra
04:02 – Raquel Welch Shaking Hands with Queen Elizabeth II
05:06 – Raquel Welch with Dudley Moore on the Set of Bedazzled
05:44 – Raquel Welch Attending the Premiere of The Muppets Go Hollywood
06:17 – Alongside Dean Martin on the set of Bandolero!
06:36 – Raquel Welch Next to James Stewart
06:56 – Raquel Welch Attending the 1972 Academy Awards
07:15 – Raquel Welch with Bill Cosby and Harvey Keitel
07:35 – Raquel Welch’s Latest Public Appearance
07:51 – Outro

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Some of the many photographs we’ll be taking a look at in this video include pictures of Raquel Welch with such notable figures as Salvador Dali, Robin Williams, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Frank Sinatra. Raquel was gifted an abstract portrait by Salvador Dali, and the artist took the opportunity to kiss the sex symbol’s hand. Raquel appeared alongside Robin Williams in a second-season episode of Mork & Mindy, and she was photographed alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger at the 1977 Golden Globe Awards.

Raquel got to appear alongside Frank Sinatra in the 1968 film noir Lady in Cement, though Raquel claims that she was too infatuated with her costar to deliver a good performance. Other photos we’ll be taking a look at include pictures of Raquel Welch alongside Queen Elizabeth II and James Stewart. Join Facts Verse as these tempting photos of Raquel Welch leave little to the imagination.

Tempting Photos of Raquel Welch Leaves Little to the Imagination


29 thoughts on “Tempting Photos of Raquel Welch Leaves Little to the Imagination”

  1. Awesome thank you very much some of the best podcast they are printing the word over the best picture I guess y'all don't realize when you get done with these that's covered up the best one but thank you anyway totally awesome

  2. My favorite memories where when her family or at least Father, brother Jimmy, and Gayle, lived on Tirian St. in La Jolla, Ca., just around the corner from my parents house, on Bon Air St. Myself along with other friends, would go surfing with her brother Jimmy, and we'd all go over to his house, after surfing, when his family was there, including Raquel, I saw her in person, for a couple years, then she, went out into to the Movie, Social Scene of Glamour Hollywood, and the world. She was a great individual. RIP Raquel.

  3. What about another blonde beauty, Catherine Deneuve taking a bow in front of the Queen? Why wasn't she mentionned? Or Christopher Lee just besides her? Julie Christie was also there…etc.

  4. It meet Ms.Welch when she was filming the movie, Fathom on December 2, 1966. My cousin was working for 20th Century Fox production. I was on leave from the US Army and I went to Southen Spain for four weeks. My cousin Jemez saw me in Melage, Spain. He invited me to the film set where they where filming Ms. Welch in a light green bikini outfit and dancing with a small crowd. Jemez brought her over to meet me. She was a real down to earth person and a beautiful personality. I took two pictures with her. I'm very sad to hear of her passing. I wish to her family my deepest sympathy of their lost of a beautiful woman.

  5. She was beautiful and one of my biggest fantasies as a kid growing up. What shocks Me is you didn't talk about her film FATHOM. Easily the sexiest of her films, her in that tight skydiving suit is forever etched in my mind lol

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