Talking Dirty Advice for the Shy Girls

People’s views when it comes to male and female sexuality have changed a lot over the last couple of years. You can see this in the way articles on the internet are written, and how magazines and advertisements are produced. Fashion magazines, publications for men and women and other lifestyle and living articles now have headlines screaming sex tips, and of late, the art of dirty talking. It is undeniable that shy girls have lots of problems when approaching the issue of talking dirty in bed, but having a sizzling, erotic and passionate sex is possible and easy for that matter. Just follow these simple tips from a girl with experience and you will do well.

Dirty talking can be categorized into five levels:

1. Level 1 comes naturally for most women is sexy sounds.

2. Level 2 is not-so-dirty talking

3. Level 3 is fine-tuned dirty talk

4. Level 4 fantasy dirty talk

5. Level 5 Hardcore dirty talk

Simple steps to learn talking dirty

The first tip I can give you is, to come up with friendly yet dirty nicknames for his member and yours. Penis and vagina, obviously, will not work, try something like Mr. C and Miss. P to start with, although depending on how free you are with each other, you can go ahead and call him cock or dick and her pussy. Using nicknames helps you refer to your actions and expressing what you want or talk dirty based on what you are doing with ease. A close friend of mine, we will call her Nancy for now, is the shy type. During one of our girl gossips, she told me she tried dirty talk during sex and her fiancé got offended – the mistake? Calling his penis little Johnnie just as they were learning the art of talking dirty. Had they come up with nicknames before, such a slip up wouldn’t have happened.

Second tip, wordplay works like a charm. I told my boyfriend he could call me bitch if he wanted, but so as not to sound so gangster (he is a keeper), he preferred bitch-baby. The important thing is, when talking dirty you have to place all cards on the table, anything goes. It may happen that a word slips out once in a while that may be offensive or insulting but this is something you learn as you practice. Remember that sex is the bonding factor in a relationship – that is if you have a normal relationship. There is a saying that starting a relationship is a man’s task, but sustaining it is the woman’s responsibility. Therefore, changing the quality of sex is your responsibility. If you are new to talking dirty, then I would recommend that you find a dirty talk guide that is more comprehensive and comes with all the examples, the do’s and don’ts of dirty talk and everything else you will need to perfect the art of dirty talking during sex. The first couple of times will of course be the toughest but with a guide like this, you will have an easy time and will build confidence faster.

As a final point, find a better action verb you can use instead of the F-word. My boyfriend and I find it very effective to use analogies and metaphors – it really gets our juices flowing and taps into our budding erotic potential. Talking dirty to a guy should come flawlessly when you are confident and are sure that what you are saying is sexy, hot and your man is in sync. The word F-word is overused and often misused, try such words as drive, pound, slip or rock for a change.

Source by Maya Collins

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