As promised, part twoooooo.

Guess who got actual preview copies of SQUIDGIRLS into his hot little hands today?

Yup, it’s *almost* here…

I should almost certainly have the first copies available for the London MCM Expo ( May 29th-30th and if you want one they’ll cost £35, not cheap, sorry! ) and it’ll have it’s US debut at Heroes con down in Charlotte, North Carolina ( June 4th-6th )

There are 3 cover versions, Humboldt, Colossal and Kraken… only one of which will be available eventually on my website. You’ll have to grab one at a con if you want the other two covers! ( And a much cheaper option anyway, considering postage. )

And yup, tip in plate, signed and numbered with original sketch in each one of these suckers.

Now back to the grind stone. Part 2 preview coming soon.

Hope you guys like what you see. Huzzah!

Posted by Ben Templesmith on 2010-05-08 00:29:50

Tagged: , squid , tentacles , cthulhu , templesmith , comics , art , horror , sealife , octopus , nude , girls , ponies , suckers , cephalopods

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