Social Experiment: Military Escorts for VIP Subway Riders | Fake Focus Group

Public transit is a mess. Overcrowding, frequent delays, and crime are just some of the problems commuters face when riding the “chariot of the people.”

In this episode of Fake Focus Group, our phony proctor Sameer presents a bogus privatized version of the subway to a group of real New Yorkers to see if they would go along with it. In exchange for a higher fare, riders would receive elite perks like VIP seating, armed private security, and in-transit entertainment from the likes of Yoko Ono. But are they willing to sacrifice their functioning, yet insufficient system for corporate interests? Let’s see if the prank lands.

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34 thoughts on “Social Experiment: Military Escorts for VIP Subway Riders | Fake Focus Group”

  1. "it's so anti American" VIP queues private security better seating that isn't anti American that's pro capitalism …. Everyone being equal and paying the same would be communism?

  2. Guy: “sooner or later the people are going to rise up and revolt!”

    Me: this guy is going to lose his shit…

    Guy: loses his shit

    Hahahahahaha is it obvious I am not from New York? Maybe he’s talking in a normal tone for New York.

  3. HEY NOW THAT ONE DUDE WAS ON IMPRACTICAL JOKERS OR SOME SHOW LIKE THAT,I KNOW FOR A FACT I HAVE 10000% SEEN HIM BEFORE. so this is a phoney fake focus group with actors? well that blows….thats double deceit

  4. God imagine being on the subway with the heavier white dude . Fuccing complaining about everything. He’s the dude the that’s just silently farting the whole train ride

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