Should we have Khalistan? – South Shields Q&A #3

These are the Q&A after Katha (please watch here: done at South Shields Gurdwara. Question was: What do your think about the idea of a Khalistan? — Opening simran by qi-rattan – available for free download from (jam2, track 6) If you wish to support us, see VJKKVJKF


22 thoughts on “Should we have Khalistan? – South Shields Q&A #3”

  1. Khalistanis are the ones who used Harmandir Sahib (Golden temple) as their militant base because they know this forced Indian authorities to attack on Harmandir Sahib to capture us and it may cause damage to Gurudwara and so, ultimately it raised hatred feelings among Sikhs towards India. But smart and real followers of Guru Gobind Singh knows that khalistanis only want to take Punjab for fulfilling their political greed in terms of ruling the Punjab. Otherwise Hindus has huge respect for Sikhism and this is proved when we saw the more number of people who visit their nearby Gurudwara is not Sikhs but Hindus.
    Waheguru ji ka Khalsa waheguru ji ki Fateh.

  2. Why conversion of harijans please dont sound like islamic preacher as a hindu we equally respect and believe all the Gurus and his teachings like our gods like Rama and Krishna then why conversion aren't they the same …..

    Reality is when you see Sikh father in his white gown and Islamia caps replacing respected turbans in Punjab ..

  3. I'm a Hindu Punjabi and I love Vishnu and Vaheguru…. Can't leave either never have never will.
    If there are any brothers in this world it is Hindus and Sikhs.
    INDIA shouldn't be fragmentized anymore.

  4. in contry like india many of the top post is handled by a sikh, so whom you want freedom from??? your own people ?? when khalistan came in punjab the prime minister of india was manmohan singh i can never understand the khalistani brain. i will recommend you stop spending time with pakistani

  5. Khalastan is bullshit if in Punjab, it should be in whole India with a ruler who aligns with gurus teachings and is having empathy. Our gurus were extremely high IQ beings I'm researching on them and the more I do it blows my mind . Waheguru ji ka Khalsa shri waheguru ji ki fateh

  6. I never seen Sikhs the way this kalistanis speak.. I don't know few radical people sitting far from India are trying to spoil beautiful Sikh community.. This guy trying to convert Hindus, what he don't know is in Punjab Sikhs are converted to Christianity.

  7. I respect Sikhs and love them. I respect the guru granth sahib but I disagree with this respected brother, we have been a civilization older than any other in the world and we will be there. I will follow my Vedas, and guru granth sahib, and Shrimadbhagwat Geeta ji, I will accept good teachings from anywhere but at the end my guru is Mahadev only. May Lord Shiva guide everyone, Namaste. ♥️

  8. I hope the speaker can atleast play better harmonium!!! I’m worried for his followers if this is his preaching- Substandard at best and his rants did not have any reference to his scriptures; all he did was “I” think. Enlighten yourself to your gurugranth scripture my friend instead of diluting it with your “i think” concoction…

  9. Being a Sanatan Dharma follower, I believe he is absolutely right! Not just take Indian Punjab – take the whole India in rightful (democratically) way. Fundamentally, A Sikh means learner.

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