Sex Work From Home

COVID-19 has disrupted every major industry, sex work included. Sex workers, whose jobs involve close contact with clients, are having to practice social distancing to keep safe and this has resulted in lost wages for many, forcing some to pivot to new platforms. VICE follows Lady Pim and Jinx VICE through their transitions to online sex work.

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30 thoughts on “Sex Work From Home”

  1. the capitalist and oligarch limit the scope of debate.. about 2 minutes of critical thinking you could radically reframe ideas. The capitalist system can't claim our mating behaviors as products.. capitalist can't claim child support as capitalist products.. sex work is more akin to child support than a capitalist product.. because it's a mating behavior.. it's a mating behavior because sex work is sex it's accepting the man's sperm in exchange for accepting his sperm he supports the woman and the possibility of reproduction. A reed distribution of wealth towards women and children…. Surveillance capitalists shouldn't own our mating behavior data.. sex work is not work.. if it becomes work then it can become exploited labor under the capitalist system. You can have protections for women without making our reproductive behaviors capitalist products. Next thing you know the capitalist will try to sell our own mothers..

  2. O Prophet! Tell the believing women to lower their gaze and guard their modesty. And they should not reveal their beauty, but what is usually (despite reluctance) is revealed. Let them cover their breasts with veils. Surah Noor: 31

  3. what's a tiny stimulus check going to do for someone that can make that much in day or 2. the mistake almost everyone makes, the more money they make, the more they throw away

  4. Sexwork-is-work is a ridiculous claim cause its just not true. Why dont you know what is a 'social problem' and 'something to overcome as a species' and what is work??

    It’s amazing people cant see the difference between it and normal work. Perception-disorder??


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