Sex, Slavery, and Drugs in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is one of the few Muslim nations where prostitution is legal, and the country’s largest brothel is called Daulatdia, where more than 1,500 women and girls sell sex to thousands of men every day.

Daulatdia is infamous for drug abuse and underage prostitution, and many of its sex workers are victims of sexual slavery who were trafficked into the area and sold to a pimp or a madam. They are forced to work off the fee that was paid for them, a debt that takes years to clear because they receive as little as a dollar for sex.

VICE News correspondent Tania Rashid visited the notorious Bangladeshi brothel — where human trafficking, underage prostitution, and drugs are commonplace — and met the traffickers and the trafficked, as well as the clientele.

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25 thoughts on “Sex, Slavery, and Drugs in Bangladesh”

  1. I genuinely hate documentaries like these ! clearly its done for the views, make these girls very emotional capture it on the camera and show it to the world? then what nothing these ppl who made these documentaries go back to their home and go on about their lives. Atleast help these girls instead of exploiting them for views, the poor exploit them for their bodies and educated anchors like her exploit them emotionally for views. It takes real guts to REALLY help them, get them out, at least give one girl a brighter future then make a documentary on it.
    Hypocrites like us just sit back on our computers from comfy homes and type patronizing, guilt-ridden messages on a digital platform. Why are you making these documentaries if you can't help them? Sue me on this, but these ppl making these innocent girls emotional and sad for their documentaries are equally worse. You seriously expect them to get up and revolt? and say "yeah now I realise what I am doing thank you lovely anchor, now I am gonna go back home?" idiots.

  2. This was the first Vice doc that ended up a bit disappointing. The tone of one of the interviews changed near the end. Most correspondence I've seen generally conduct interviews from a somewhat neutral position. That's a good, standard way to do it. Her tone changed when dude was nice enough to answer some pretty heavy and personal questions that most others might not. She's lucky enough to be getting these honest answers to her questions yet turns around and loads the next questions but when she doesn't get the answers she wants, she tries to push him into feeling the way that she thinks he should feel.
    That is not how it's done.
    She was getting what any interviewer hopes to get, then she makes it weird and shuts it down.

  3. Unfortunately, these outlets for men deprived of sex by their wives will always exist. In reality, husbands will want sex even if they live to be one hundred as it is the most natural desire they have. Most wives want one thing from sex and that is a family. When they have had their children most wives lose interest in sex.

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