Romance the Alhambra

Romance the Alhambra

It nestles at the foot of the Sierra Nevada in front of the expansive plains that is the viga de Granada, iIllustriously raised on a hilltop, the Alhambra. It was here that the Nassarid Dynasty wrote the last chapter for the history of Muslim Al-Andalus in Spain. High above Granada, they built a palace city without parallel across the world. Today the Alhambra is one of the most popular cultural sites – a place where history comes to life. This romantic view is taken from the top of an adjacent hill. My family reached there early for me to “reserve” a shooting spot during blue hour. As sundown approached, the crowd thickens and everyone was jostling for a clear view. Unobstructed, I took plenty of shots till the sky became dark. Alas, all the preparation I’ve made was somewhat soured by a technicality. I had set my camera to a RAW low resolution and as a result, this shot is a measly 3 Mb. I felt like a teenager who has just got the phone number of the most beautiful girl in the world only to be told by her parents I can call her once a month. Oh what drama…..

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