Pakistan: American vlogger gang-raped by two in Punjab province | Oneindia News *News

A day after a burqa-clad woman was groped by an unidentified man in Pakistan’s Islamabad, a 21-year-old American woman was allegedly gang-raped by her “guide” and his accomplice in Pakistan’s Punjab province.

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45 thoughts on “Pakistan: American vlogger gang-raped by two in Punjab province | Oneindia News *News”

  1. Psychology of rapist according to research by Dr Samuel in 1980s .
    1. Empathyless towards victim
    2. Narcissism
    3. Hostile overview towards women (thinks that women have come on earth for no purpose other than to satisfy men's sexual desires)
    4. Toxic masculinity (thinks that he has freedom to do anything on earth because he is man)

  2. Then pakistanis boast about their tourism 🤣🤣.
    1)Srilankan guy burnt alive
    2)this girl raped and filmed
    3) srilankan cricket team attacked
    And these are latest incidents
    Thats how pakistan is 😛🤣.

    For your safety please dont visit a terror country

  3. Of course India talks about it, there are many same and even worse things happening in India like the Muslim girl who got rapped and the put on fire just because she didn’t want to get Married to a Hindu man

  4. This is good incident to a muslims who thinks clothes save women s from
    Rape and some people think
    Non muslim
    Girls rape because of not wearing a hijab
    Is hair sexual oragan
    If she wear shorts or open dresses some times people may get lust if the clothes are not familair.
    But how peole feel
    Lust when see a hair
    It is just a attraction

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