Oral Sex Secrets That Will Drive Her Crazy


In this article I will teach you a few oral sex secrets that will drive her absolutely crazy with pleasure. Most men would like to think that they are great at giving a girl oral sex. Unfortunately the ugly truth is that they’re NOT. Far from it. Let’s change that right now:

If you forget everything else you read in this article, remember this: Speed is not the answer!

As a matter of fact, the direct opposite is true. Slow, repetitive licking will drive her mad every time – I promise (I’m a girl myself, so I should know). Why does it work? Because it’s the steady and continuous build-up of sexual energy that makes her moan with pleasure.

How to use your tongue:

Remember to work your tongue from side to side – not up and down. You see, when you lick her in an up and down motion, you’ll go sore very quickly and fatigue will wear you out within a minute or two. And by the way, using your finger to compensate for an exhausted tongue is NOT the way to go – trust me on that one.

A girls vagina is very, very sensitive and the difference between using your tongue and your finger to stimulate her clitoris area is a bit like the difference between a silk sheet and sandpaper. Don’t go there – if you do, you’ll go from oral sex secrets to oral sex disaster in a manner of seconds.

Last, but definitely not least, do not forget about foreplay. Foreplay is an incredible anticipation-builder.


Source by Melinda Jones

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