Online Dating – Do You Know How To Be Seductive Online


What singles need to realize both online and off is that seduction begins in the “head”! Not between the legs! That is why seduction both online and off usually “bombs”!

If you can get inside a person’s “head” you can seduce them!

Seduction: To entice someone to think or engage in an act that is sexual and or erotic in nature…

Our guard is usually up when someone decides to “target” us below the waist. But we are caught off guard when we are being seduced “between the ears”!

Make a solemn vow to never seduce anyone you are not interested in romantically and or sexually!!

You must know the person well enough to gently “approach” an erotic conversation.

Do you know how to be seductive online…? If not…

You want to start with a “preplanned” “story”, “dream” or “day dream”. If you have to actually write it down? Then do that!

Suppose you know your “target” (only for a lack of a better term!) loves city skylines, they are a social drinker, they are a die-hard romantic, they love public displays of affection, (the more information you have the better!)

You would want to give them a phone call mid-morning. Most of us are too rushed early in the morning!

“…last night I dreamed we were on the 21st floor of the St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco. They have a real nice jazz club there. They had intimate tables for 2 that overlooked the S.F. skyline. The only light in our area was the one on our table. You were absolutely gorgeous! I couldn’t take my eyes off of you! I caught you off guard when I blew out our table candle. The things we did to each other in the dark, still makes me blush. There were several times we were thankful there was music being played! I can’t go into all of it right now, but I will tell you the rest of it tonight…”

You will need to finish the story and make it as hot and erotic as your current relationship will allow!

Do you know how to be seductive online? You do if you know how to plant the “seed” of seduction in the mind, and stop focusing on what is below the waist!

Once this is done correctly? You will be able to seduce your “target” at will!


Source by Vivian Johnson

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