Neighbours Called Him Crazy, But He Had the Last Laugh

Coming up are some amazing stories about people who protected their home in amazing ways.
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32 thoughts on “Neighbours Called Him Crazy, But He Had the Last Laugh”

  1. As far as poops go cow poop is by far the least smelly and turns to soil the fastest it's not pig shit that's for sure although calf shit is bad but thats mainly from the mother's milk

  2. It looks like Randy's house was on a hill/bank/risen grounds anyway, I don't think the tube helped that much. Did he have any connections to the company??? Am I wrong that it looks like his house is in a hill??, if not why wouldn't the rise of the water table have undermined/breached the ring???

  3. All the same mouths claims as all works the same way on lies cons all pays as learn fools mouths claims this ENDLESS HUNT from mouths claims all CODE does this !

  4. Buys a house with a purpose built safe room in it to keep the family safe from a tornado. The safe room does its job. Says Jesus saved the family. What?

  5. Now the Eye of the storm is no laughing matter that is what I call pro Architect at it's finest. I am not very sorry for those people who have, oh what was the phrase judge the book by its cover

  6. Randy should thank all the neighbors around him that laughed. If everyone had one of those, the water would have had to bottle neck through all the barriers and it would have been higher than 30 in. even for a few hours.

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