29 thoughts on “Muslim prostitute speaks about prostitution in Lahore, Pakistan”

  1. The only thing that I hate in Islam is inhuman treating of women n multi marriages which r the curse to Muslim women like nurgis. n the only thing that I like most in hinduism is treating women equally with a goddess n single marriages

  2. politicians n officers here do not take minimum care about the people in Pakistan. but they always support terrorism n drug smuggling. the ordinary people living here experience a hell to get basic needs of a human i,e food, clothing n shelter. I'm being an Indian citizen, I'm proud to be an Indian. even we r poor, we have many problems, we can solve it by our own. the situations r not so worst as in Pakistan. thank god.

  3. It is Shiaa, they are only minority on so called Muslims population.. They have MUT'AH (contract marriage even for just an hour) which contradicted with Qu'ran teaching

  4. Hahaha well if she chose this lifestyle she will be questioned !!! She do a sin intentionally and expect to be forgiven !! Respected occupation should be opted ! Even she can work as a maid but alas

  5. ءءفءفئقسققيففيلببغاللتاهرغارتغلاانعنار رىببءسقلؤفغعرعغفؤلارتلاتمنتحهاهمةوتممهمكامهتنهمءبفئسششضضصشصضصسسسسثففثئثءقءيلقيلءبؤلؤؤفعغبرلغنىةةنزظطوزكوز،مدحدمحذمحدحنمحمكطمذحكوطوطوكوك،ظ.،ط.،ط،وذمذززطذذطزوطوكوةخكىهمهتعهتهح٨حدخدحمهخهخاسيششصبيءلؤ

  6. hey this world is for test …
    in your poor situation at all you dont do this …
    this reason not take place that cause of my family problems i did this bad job .

    you stop this bad habit stop stop.
    how you feed your children with this money ? what your son says for his freinds that what is job of my mother ?
    please think deep and stop this work may Allah guide you to right path

  7. She has my RESPECT! I know what is like to be in her situation with domestic abuse.thank God I have loving parents that help me. She either stats with her husband and get killed one of these days her children will end up being abused and motherless. Or the sacrifices her body and at least her children will be safe at home.

  8. How about instead of asking him for his forgiveness, asking him to help you and to do what a god is supposed to do?
    Deliver her from evil……..Come sweet young woman and meet Jesus Christ and as I have seen with my own two eyes……He will save your life!!!

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