Montreal Hearts: Episode 6 – Wages Montreal Hearts: Episode 6 – Wages. In the office at Grumpy’s Bar, McLen and Ronnie Scanlon are talking when Reg walks by, fresh from taking a piss. McLen wants to talk about the missing money, and it turns out that things are worse than they thought. Reg indicates that he will be hiring someone to take care of business. McLen wants to discuss having Mary for a night because he wants to get laid, but Reg is more interested in running a classy escort agency where the girls are treated right, not having to deal with horny staff members trying to shit where they eat. McLen returns home to find a sexy surprise, and his night of sex might come true after all.

Musical Guest: Paul Edwards (Sinnin’ Town)


Rob Corti
Adam Kelly
Alison Vermaat

Written by Rob Corti and Adam Kelly

Directed by Shaun Malley and Andrew Leeke
Edited by Shaun Malley

DOP Elias C. Varoutsos
AD Andrew Leeke
Gaffer Richard Valentini

A Gung Horse Production

Likes: 2



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