Model Scout Decides Who's Most Attractive

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Model Scout Decides Who’s Most Attractive

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34 thoughts on “Model Scout Decides Who's Most Attractive”

  1. How do you be this professional and non-gay sounding but sounding gay? (If he's not I'll be surprised). Actually would listen to him on advice for improving my looks.

  2. Short men, remember that people don’t respect, they look down on you, women find you unattractive or you are completely invisible. Earn money and give society and others as little from why you earn, they don’t deserve it for being selfish, greedy, shallow people.

  3. Wow, he's so polite, and made a very clear distinction between what he finds attractive and what would be appropriate for that industry. My favorite was "That's a yes… that WORKS." 😀 I mean, he's not wrong – as soon as that guy walked in I was like "woo, those shoulders."

  4. I didn't think a girl could look more attractive without her glasses on until the agent told the yellow sweater girl to take hers off. He definitely sees what we don't without even seeing it damn

  5. Of course the woman who drenched herself in make up was rated high. I would much rather have seen the other women in campaigns, we've seen the first one a dozen times over.
    Also the fact those who were cut out for height is why the fashion industry is bullshit

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