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21 thoughts on “Meet The Number 1 Hostess In Japan | ASIAN BOSS”

  1. If one is interested in the cabaret club world, there's a now fairly old but really good documentary on the life of a number one host called The Great Happiness Space: Tale of an Osaka Love Thief

  2. if it looks, smells, seems like prostitution.. its probably prostitution. Not that theres anything wrong with that, just call it for what it is. lol The entire interview they beat around the bush like this is some marvelously new invention.

  3. she is not very beautiful but based on her stories she seems to be kind and caring towards the customer so i think that why the customers like her. And The hostess aren't going to tell all the truth about their lives, no woman with that kind of job will say anything especially in an interview and especially knowing that many people will watch that, naturally she won't admit everything in the interview such as if she has a boyfriend or if she has been paid for sex she also thinks that maybe one of her customers will watch her video and find out that she paid for sex, the customer probably won't like it, so it's natural for her to hide it, especially in an interview like that, she's honest about other things but about other her stories I think Nah

  4. Interesting. I first didn't get at all why she would be nr 1 but despite her claims it's not only because of the looks (although I could say that there are more beautiful people out there than her) but it's more got to do with her being humble and like a fetch-whenever girlfriend, the dream girlfriend who doesn't have any needs but it always available and catering. I don't mean to say as if she would lack self-respect but I think in fact it's her brains and strategy which pays off and works. Lots of people are beautiful but she plays the long game. She doesn't come off as fakely frolick but is very low-key and modest.

  5. My mom modeled in Japan in the late 90s and she worked at a hostess bar for a bit. Told me all the details, a lot of the women do sleep with their guests but it’s usually in exchange for loyalty to the hostess and a LOT of expensive gifts. So not payed sex per say but also it’s not out of the cards.

  6. She's so soft spoken, she should record meditation audiobooks ha. Also omg don't get surgery you are beautiful and un terms if being more western I actually thought you were mixed so you mission already accomplished.

  7. Beautiful Woman ,BUT: It was 2 much all is great and life is good. Read some books on being a Hostess. I lived in Japan 7 years as an entertainer and security .I had a great Time!😄😄 But Roppongi is a very rough place 🗡🗡 but most Americans love it any way. People are just naive & her customers are most likely : Business men & Married & Rich .
    I liked the Northern Cities better. 😊

  8. Alright, this girl is incredibly gorgeous, I'd love to look just like her, but I think this look would work incredibly well in the media business on a news anchor or something.

  9. I like Japanese girls, because of their natural beauty, cute, funny, polite and friendly, I admit it, but on the other hand I hate them because they fall into pornstar films, I know not all Japanese girls are like that but the average is like that.

  10. The girl I recently started dating in Japan told me she works at a hostess bar. She dresses exceptionally well and has amazing conversation skills so even before she told me, her being a hostess ironically popped into my head lol. Most of these girls spend time with a bunch of old men so they legit affection from someone they aren’t obligated to talk with

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