Medically Assisted Sex: Inside the Controversial World | Slutever

“For people with physical disabilities sex, sexual function, a lack of experience, or just the path to getting off can be isolating and just plain awkward. However, a group of sex surrogates has pioneered a radical hands-on approach called “”medically assisted sexuality”” to help fulfill the sexual needs of people with handicaps.

In this episode of ‘Slutever,’ host Karley Sciortino investigates this culturally taboo sex therapy treatment, and meets the clients and practitioners straddling the line between sex therapy and sex work.

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20 thoughts on “Medically Assisted Sex: Inside the Controversial World | Slutever”

  1. Oh my god how is nobody talking about how manipulative the sex worker was around 10 minutes in? At one point she literal asks him "what else is there" in reference to someone to love since his parents dissaprove but understand him using these sex worker, and he responds "yeah, what else" and she then says I kid you not "there is nothing else". How is this not extremely manipulative? She straight up told him nobody will ever love him

  2. I like how every comment is very open minded and making sure no negativity gets out ofc I actually do except and support what these people are actually doing to the disabled cause I have an uncle that’s disabled and yet they are so special people I really hope the best comes for them for the future🙏

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