Joining a Nudist Community to Become a Better Man

Taji Ameen is on a mission of self improvement.

In an online world of overwhelming emotional support, from motivational quotes, to inspirational quotes, to flaunting influencers… he allows the internet to dictate his journey.

In each episode, Taji discovers something new about himself by exploring a category of self growth, learning that sometimes the most inspiration can be found where you least expect it.

In this episode of Better Man, Taji learns what it means to be confident by singing karaoke naked in front of a room of strangers…(Filmed in Feb. 2020, pre covid restrictions.)

Will this experience get him one step closer to becoming a better man?

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25 thoughts on “Joining a Nudist Community to Become a Better Man”

  1. Its basically a sausage fest. The only naked females are old as dirt and 200+ pounds. Note to self: Don't join a nudist community until I cant get an organic erection.

  2. The air probably feels better on the private parts, plus the private parts probably don't stink as much since the air keeps them dried out and aired out, clothes makes them hot and sweat more.

  3. Nobody should be embarrassed about what they look like naked I mean unless you’re kind of not really get to do any areas tell me should probably be embarrassed thao I’m just fine

  4. I absolutley love ur vids!
    idc what anyone says in the comment section, good or bad at least they're watching, a view is a view!! U always do very interesting and or comedic topics, it's a nice break from all the vile content flooding YouTube! Thanks for the great light hearted vids, they're appreciated! 👍

  5. This why Mighty Doonald trump need to make america great again
    Too many south american and negro drug lord
    And china tricky trade
    I am from malaysia

  6. I hate how society (& i mean this has been going on for thousanda of years) has sexualized and even in a certain way shamed us and being bare in our own bodies, i get that back in the day, cave people had to dress up with animal skin, etc… to protect us from the cold and it still is valid to this day, personally i think feeling ashamed of being naked in public is simply physiological

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