Japanese Women | Reasons to Work in Prostitution [ENG CC]

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■Does Japan Really Need Prostitution? (Pt.2 Mariten) [ENG CC]

This channel covers important social issues and recent trends in Japan.

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23 thoughts on “Japanese Women | Reasons to Work in Prostitution [ENG CC]”

  1. You think your boyfriend should accept you being a prostitute, kiss you when you come home after you just kissed a dozen guys and sucked their dick. Wtf? No thanks. Its not a normal "profession" and should not be accepted by a boyfriend. You are cheating and hoping for acceptance, delusional…

  2. We don’t need to know that Nobita..you are not better than other people because you think that prostitution is immoral – but thank you so much for the great reporting.😊

  3. Good video & an eye opener for me. Every society makes it hard for some of their citizens to survive. Though I don't condone this lifestyle but I hope an easier way will be created for people to make a comfortable living & that society will be more appreciated to every individual

  4. Nobita, your videos content been very informative, give insights, something to think about. It shows people what's happening in society, don't just look at our own point of view and assuming. Things are not always black and white

  5. Obviously life can be a challenge and life is a challenge perhaps for the less or majority of mankind. To put food on the table, roof and clothes over your head can be demanding here on earth. Abilities, skills and knowledge and background varies from person to person as determinants to meet challenges. What to do. Then we ask how are we here and why. We know GOD created the heavens and earth and everything in it including mankind. Here, mankind began with Adam and Eve. This very moment GOD also said to Adam and Eve ' This is your enemy' -SATAN'. This is GOD 1st directive to mankind. GOD is MORAL. Satan is immoral. In order to follow GOD and practice morality, GOD chose among mankind and revealed directives or scriptures to learn and practice morality. Satan also by the seconds, minutes and hours frequently attempts to influence mankind to immorality. Then, what to do. The decision to practice morality or immorality is clear to follow GOD or to follow Satan. Who will you follow? GOD is MORAL.

  6. My takeaway from this is that these people just want to be loved and feel acknowledged, and they hadn't felt that before prostitution. To me, it's about something much deeper than just getting money conveniently. It sounds like some serious soul wounds. Not sure how else to describe it.

  7. Saying that you find prostitution to be "morally wrong" is just about the most disconnected thing to say, ever. And this surprises me: you interviewed these women and they gave you so many reasons why they prostitute themselves and still you patronize them. Maybe not so surprising in an extremely patriarchal society coming from a man. Just like one of the women said: you don't like it, you come up with a structure and conditions so women don't have to do this kind of work. But keep your condescending remarks to yourself.

  8. Muy triste la realidad de las mujeres en Japon. Creo que hay cosas que ellas mismas se dicen a ellas mismas pero solo para darse fuerza y seguir adelante. Muy triste

  9. good to know that thay "do what thay want" and a job is a job. long time i thought japanese prostitutes were some kind of slaves so im glad that these woman can make a life with it. personaly i think its good that these jobs exist and everyone should treat them with respect and be thankfull to have these strong woman, it could be worse and hopefully there will be regulations to make live better for prostitutes.
    im thankfull for the ladys in my town (im from saxony) and im thankfull every time.

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