Jameo del Aqua wonderment of the girl in a pink dress HWW!

Jameo del Aqua wonderment of the girl in a pink dress     HWW!

This Lanzarote underground volcanic tunnel is filled with trapped sea water which reflects colours beautifully. When the roof of a tunnel falls in, as it has the far end, it is called a Jameo. Behind where I was standing is another Jameo which houses a smart restaurant with volcanic walls, and a concert hall. The sea water has rare albino crabs which were trapped when the sea receded following the last volcanic eruption. The tiny crabs are the size of a penny and clearly visible. The attraction was the brainchild of famous local architect, artist, and wind toy designer, Cesar Manrique, who, as a legacy to the people of Lanzarote, ensured important places such as this are preserved. He was a fascinating artist www.cesarmanrique.com/pintura_i.htm
In 1993 Lanzarote was declared a biosphere reserve by UNESCO.

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