Imported for my body: The African women trafficked to India for sex – BBC Africa Eye documentary

BBC Africa Eye uncovered an illegal network that lures women to India from Africa, where they are then forced into sex work to satisfy the demands of the many African men living in Delhi.

The women are mostly from Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, Tanzania and Rwanda.

One woman, Grace, who was trafficked from Kenya, agreed to go undercover.



32 thoughts on “Imported for my body: The African women trafficked to India for sex – BBC Africa Eye documentary”

  1. This is quite disheartening. Not just the trafficking but how these BBC journalist stood by for a year watching this woman sell herself for the sake of them getting a story and for the main journalist to get a few minutes of gratification giving that letter of allegations to the Chairman. What has this really changed? Sure people on the side of the planet, me included now know about this, what has really changed? What happened to the chairman? The madam's, the corrupt agents? Was Grace's year of torment really worth 51 minutes of somber entertainment for strangers far away? Is this really what journalism has become?

  2. It's not about African woman , even Indian womens are also the victim of this sexwork.
    Their are many countries in the world where this is a business , people select this as profession for the source of Income either they are willing or not.
    So, their is not point to blame specific country for this, its actually mindset of people which has to changed.
    And also laws also have certain restrictions, because the root cause of this chain/mafia is not only in India,it's worldwide. So, it's is impossible to crack down this.

  3. African doing this to their own people heartbreaking all should be in jail for their crimes and those who were exploited and abused should be compensated sorry for the girls

  4. Worldwide countries (from West to East, from black to white) became tainted/polluted.
    Humanity (brotherly love) totally disappeared from planet earth.
    Bad luck, it was English and Christian European countries, that taught all fraudulent activities to global countries.

  5. My concern goes to institutions named and shamed in the documentary, whose officials who chose to sit on the fence and failed to provide assurance that they are standing against human trafficking by all means possible. I mean writing that they are doing everything legally and that they are against human trafficking falls far too short of addressing the real issue. They should have committed to do their own investigations and committed to work with other agencies to uproot and build the reputation of their organisation. Their writing speaks louder what they stand for, rather than what they have written about…….

  6. What is disheartening is the lack of willingness by the Nigerian and Indian Student Association and the Nigerian Embassy to act on the evidence presented to them by the BBC African Eye, to institute their own investigations and a clean up campaign for all their personnel and structures to win the assurance of the international community. They all found comfort in stating that they are operating within the laws, within the constitution of the host country and paid lip-service to the fact that they they do not condone criminality and or human trafficking; but their in-action speaks volumes as they failed to act on the findings of the fixer who was their official, not even an apology to Grace or at least thank the BBC African Eye Programme. Their inactions "non-committal utterances" speaks louder than what they wrote, since they wrote nothing; and turned a blind eye to a real international hideous crime that is burning like an African Savannah Forest. Their writing alone shows no concern; they did not even apologies that their employee was implicated in such hideous crimes at the level of a Chairman, what a shame?.

    With these kind of leadership, the scourge of human trafficking has found foot soldiers who are choosing to stand on the fence when human trafficking is eating away the moral fiber of the international community. Human Trafficking goes unabated as leaders such as the ones we encountered in the documentary hide behind officialness, but their time is ticking as the international community is closing in on them…..

  7. This may be true or False that i don't know but Don't Forget that BBC Always runs Anti India Campaigns, recently it has made False documentary on Indian Prime Minister…🙏🙏

  8. Very sad😢Everyday several women are being exploited around the world 🌎 the poverty people no have study and no have choice.The society is hard and some people have to much money and othe people are very poor.

  9. They r called sex tourist they go to country to earn money no one will force them dnt think this women r inocent they know exactly what they do wakeup

  10. Goldies main advice was to treat her girl well. If you consider the ‘business’ model, they couldn’t escape Eddie. They needed him for the travel agents in Kenya, access to kitchens (which he could shut down) and possibly for housing because their visa’s had probably expired by the time they became madam’s. They were victims too.

    After paying her debt even Grace was reluctant to engage with Indian immigration to return to Kenya with no money via deportation. It’s fortunate she already knew a reporter that helped her resolve her immigration issues.

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