How to Talk to a Girl on the Phone And Make Her Like You Using Nothing But Your Words


Men are always taught to ask for a woman’s phone number whenever they are at a party. However, not every man knows what to do after he gets this phone number.

Getting a woman’s phone number would only be the beginning to something great, so do not celebrate just yet. Your next step needs to make the same kind of connection with her over the phone in order to land a proper date. Once you are ready to call her up, you need to know when and how to call. Keep reading for several helpful tips to calling women.

3 Ways To Seduce Women While On The Phone – Become Irresistible Through Words Alone

Tip Number One: Use Humor. Make her laugh the minute your phone conversation begins. Laughter will make a woman relax and more willing to talk. One thing you need to avoid doing over the phone is making her bored. Crack jokes or recount funny things that may have happened on the night that you met.

If done properly, she will start seeing you as a really charming man worthy of a date.

Tip Number Two: Use Stories. Stories can make your conversations a little bit more interesting. Telling stories also happens to be a great way to prevent any awkward silences. It would be ideal to end stories with cliffhangers to give her something to anticipate when you finally go on a date.

Tip Number Three: Use Fractionation. If you want to find a great way to make women feel certain emotions towards you, try some hypnosis. One certain hypnotic way to talk to women would be fractionation. In only 15 minutes, you can send a woman on a roller coaster of emotions without her even detecting that she is going through hypnosis. She will merely fall for you more the longer you talk.

This is how fractionation works – when you talk to her on the phone, get her to feel both happiness and sadness. When you drag her into this little “soap opera” that you create for her, then she will not be able to help it but to feel emotionally attached to you.

You see, this is the same reason why women seem to love watching those soap operas on TV – it gives them the emotional thrill that they cannot get in real life. Now you can make any woman addicted to you too – as long as you know the step-by-step formula on how to use fractionation in seduction.


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