How To Seduce Women: "Killer" Compliments That Will Get You LAID!


Giving compliments to women is an area of seduction that a

lot of guys get very wrong. You see, most guys think that

the best way to get a girl interested in them is to

literally “shower” her with compliments. Well, the fact is

that in some cases, this may work, but in most cases, this

will kill all chances of seducing women.

In many situations, giving a girl a compliment will actually

REDUCE your chances of seducing her. And even when the

situation is right to give her compliments, you have to know

HOW to deliver the compliment. If you get it wrong you could

destroy any attraction she may have had for you. But if you

do it right, you immediately get the girl “hooked” on you

and increase your chances of seducing her by about 1,000%.

The best way to compliment a girl you want to seduce is to

use what I call the “Qualified Compliment.” Basically, a

qualified compliment is a compliment which has two parts to


1) The actual Compliment (which is flattering to the girl),


2) Some kind of Standard she has to live up to (in order to

impress YOU)

These types of compliments fly “under a girl’s radar,” and

sound quite like a normal compliment until she reflects on

it…she’ll suddenly realise that it’s not a FULL compliment,

that there’s something missing…and this will then compel her

to start seeking your approval, and once she starts doing

this…YOU’RE IN!

Let’s check out a couple of examples. The first one goes

something like this, you could say to a girl, “You know, I

just realised something…You’re absolutely beautiful. In

fact, you would be my absolute perfect woman if you were

just a little bit taller, just like two inches or so.” This

sounds very much like a compliment but you still hold

something back (a standard; in this case, her HEIGHT) which

she hasn’t got. She would then begin to see you as a guy

with very specific standards, and that is hugely attractive

to women.

She’ll also start thinking that she is somehow inadequate

(in your eyes) and try to show you that she can make up for

that shortcoming in other ways. For example, she may wear

high heels the next time she sees you just to show you that

she can appear taller. Obviously you can replace the

standard of “height” with anything else like her tan, or

shoes or something like that. You see, psychologically, if

you can get someone to start “qualifying” themselves to you

and fighting for your approval, they will become more and

more attracted to you.

The second example is probably even more interesting. You

say something like this: “You know, you are one of the most

stunning girls I have seen in a while. In fact I’d say

you’re definitely in my top 9 or 10 girls…I’ve known quite a

few nice looking girls but I learned that every one has

certain unique qualities that set her apart from the next

one. And a girl like you reminds me of that unique type of

beauty among all women.”

A compliment like this will make her realise that you have

high standards in women, and although she’s beautiful…you’re

not overwhelmed by her because you have a lot of female

friends who look just as beautiful as her. She’ll want to

set herself apart from the other girls in your life by

impressing you in other ways and of course, this leads to

her becoming subconsciously attracted to you. The more she

tries to “qualify” herself and seek your approval, the more

attracted to you she gets.


Source by Kenneth Oboh

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