How to Get Clothes Stitched in Pakistan or India

I show you how to get a Salwar Kameez (Pakistani suit) stitched in Pakistan. It’s the same process if you want to get a Kurta (Indian suit) stitched in India too. I’ll show you the different fabrics, prices, and styles available at a tailor (darzi) in Lahore.

Salwar Kameez (also spelt shalwar kameez) translates into trousers (salwar) and a shirt (kameez). Salwar kameez are available in styles for both men and women. Women usually pair it with a scarf (dupatta). While men sometimes pair it with a waistcoat.

All colours of Salwar Kameez are available but Men in Pakistan prefer blue, light blue, white, brown, or green. Womens’ are available in all imaginable colours and with plenty of decoration.

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50 thoughts on “How to Get Clothes Stitched in Pakistan or India”

  1. I appreciate his point of view, but pay artists up front. It's way way too easy to rip them off and completely waste their time otherwise. Do your research about who you commission first. If they seem questionable, just don't do business with them. Ask if revisions/corrections are included in the price.

  2. Thanks Karl for showing the real image of Pakistan, because from India we hear only that Pakistan is the worst evil and bad country in the entire worldโ€ฆ..As for me I canโ€™t get visa to India even Iam British citizen, just because my parents was born in Pakistan ๐Ÿ˜…

  3. normaly i hate influencers but i have to thank you putting your will smith vibes into this "wound" and show some solidarity for pakistan and afghanistan by sporting the pakool like you do. I also wear that one, (german) since the airport shit went down as a sign (and because those hats are just cool i guess) No , i really appreciate you doing this and it does not come across fake or phony.

    The positive potential and parts of that region and mentality are just absolutely underappreciated and you could say hidden from the face of the media and need more coverage by strong guys like you.

  4. 7,000 for one Shalwar kameez (tailoring and fabric). For me, that's too expensive. Cotton ain't that much expensive!!!!
    But may be that's expensive because of the Store. Fancy stores charge more for the same thing which could be bought at a cheaper price in a non-fancy store.

  5. – For Foreigner's wanting a stitched shalwar kameez in ๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡ฐ –

    1. Famous unstiched cloth brands you should try: Pasha Fabrics (Luxurious) & Dynasty (Luxurious but price less than Pasha). These are the ones I personally wear.

    2. For summer: Get a cotton fabric. (Egyptian Cotton preferred). Cotton gets a lot of wrinkles but feels very luxurious and airy.

    For winter: Get wool (or wool mix) fabrics.

    To avoid ironing: Get wash-n-wear (synthetic polyester). It won't be luxurious but easy to maintain. Although it might feel thin, it can get hot pretty fast.

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