How To Get ANY Girl's Phone Number

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Now you can get ANY girl’s phone number with zero chance of rejection. There’s something attractive about a scoundrel.

Put Your Number In My Phone / Getting Girls’ Phone Numbers Without Talking


37 thoughts on “How To Get ANY Girl's Phone Number”

  1. Nope .can't be pragmatic for ugli dudes. Tried this got only one no. She also gave it to the women helpline no. Bro do you know any good lawyer ?

  2. Firstly for this to work with
    low flake rate don't lie and say
    that you need to call your mom etc.

    Say I need to borrow your phone for a quick call. It will only take a few seconds and the call is very very important to me and time pressing. I can explain after.

    If she is hesitant and worried that you will steal her phone offer to let her hold something of yours of percieve high value as collateral.

    Money clip with prop money hundered dollar bills in it for instance.

    While typing in your number on her phone establish rapport. Make eye contact. Smile. Say your name. Ask her name. Thank her for allowing you to use her phone for this very important call. Tell her that she is a real life saver etc.

    Then when your phone has started ringing look her straight into her eyes and half smile smirk at her.

    Own what you just did.
    Take ownership of what just happened.

    Be Boss.

    Say the important call I needed
    to make was to my phone to get your number.

    I saw you.

    I wanted to meet you.

    I didn't want to go through the whole song and dance of you pretending you dont want to give me your number do to social pressure of not wanting to make it appear you made it to easy on me.

    I go after and take what I want.

    And what I wanted when I saw you is to give you the opportunity to get to know me and to not waste another day of my life not knowing you.

    Then tell her you will text or call her later about the address to the get together that you are having at your house.

    When she gets there she will find thug life suprise number two since meeting you.

    The get together is dinner and a movie at your house just you and her getting together. Haha.
    😉😏 😅😂🤣 😎

    P.S telling her that you want to take her on an instant-date right now if she is free to get to know her a little better before your get together (rather than just walking away after getting her number)
    would be ideal. Much much much higher chance she will actually reply to your messages or calls eagerly and not block your number right when you walk away or flake in you call to action get together invite if you do all of the above.

    Your welcome in advance for all
    of the above given information.

    Available for Daygame
    Dating Coaching anytime. 😅

    – Sherrick

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  3. Tried exactly the same thing and got beaten by a mob of around 45-50 people .. And another thing do you know a good lawyer to bail me out ??
    Remember :- don't try this if you are not good looking .(saying by experience)

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