How to Get a Girl’s Phone Number in 2 Minutes Or Less


Let’s get right down to the point. You want to know how to get a girl’s phone number. Maybe there’s even a particular cutie you’ve had your eye on for a while but you don’t want to mess it up, or maybe you just want to approach random women at the mall or the super market. Believe me, I struggled with what to say to a woman on the initial approach for years, but getting her number can be the easiest part when you know what to do. My life first changed in that regard when I stumbled upon the advice of the great David DeAngelo.

In this article I’m going to tell you about a technique so powerful that it has let me get so many numbers from girls that I was never able to call most of them.

Before I tell you the technique, you first need to understand that getting a phone number is not necessarily all it’s cracked up to be. Even if you get a girl’s phone number, it may end up doing you no good if you don’t know the proper way to communicate and build instant attraction with her. In fact, there are tricks that are much more powerful than the topic of the article, and I’ll tell you about how you can get your hands on some of those a little bit later.

There are two goals to keep in mind when trying to get a girl’s phone number.

One of those is that you have to come across as different from the many guys who approach her all the time. The other is that you must make her as comfortable as possible. Men can be very threatening and creepy to women, so for her to give up her personal information to you entails that she is comfortable. This isn’t as hard as you might think.

The first step is to approach the women very cool, calm, and collected. Nervousness repels women like garlic. If you have problems with confidence around women, then make sure to check out the resource at the end of my article.

Once you’ve made the approach, start off the conversation by slyly observing your surroundings and making a joke about something she is doing or something around you. Once again, if you need help knowing exactly what to say when approaching a woman, I’ll give that to you at the bottom of the article, but for now I want to stick to the topic at hand.

Try and keep up the conversation for a few minutes, indicate that you have to go. Letting her know that you have something to go and do is very important, because it sets you apart from most guys who will stick around a girl like he’s glued to her, and force her to be the one to end the conversation. If you end it first, she will be left wondering about you for the rest of the day.

As you’re getting ready to leave, tell her that it was nice meeting her, and then, almost as an afterthought, turn around and ask very calmly if she has email.

I know that it’s her phone number you want, not just e-mail, but trust me, this works, period.

Everyone has e-mail these days, and almost everyone feels very comfortable giving it out. That’s where the psychology comes into play. Give her the pen to write her e-mail down (bonus tip: buy a really cool pen that will attract her attention and start more conversation) and while she’s writing it, ask her to write her number down as well.

This works instantly about 8 out of 10 times, because a woman who is already giving you her e-mail will usually not hesitate to also include her phone number. Had you asked for the phone number right off the bat, she would have been less comfortable giving it to you.

If it doesn’t work instantly, then just assure her that it’ll be alright, because you’re only going to call her 30000 times (this is a joke, and will ease her mind). She will usually then give it to you without another seconds hesitation.


Source by Paul Prince

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