28 thoughts on “How to get a Girl's Phone Number – Flirting Tips and Techniques to Get Her Number”

  1. I made way to get her number
    you tell her its a magic trick and to put her number into you calculator multiply it by 2 and ad any number then say that it was supposed to work and take it back and then reverse the math and put her number in your phone, EZ.

  2. If here are Girls I have a question do you think is a good ideea to trow my phone to her so she catch it and on the phone is a a contact where it say briana(her name)and a heart without a number so she give me her number.

  3. Kinda weird but there was this new girl at my school we where talking about how she moved from down south to NY (where our school is) and I made a joke about the snow. I found like this was a good time bc she was laughing and I had to go so I simply said “well I gtg i will leave my number if u want to talk c ya!” Kinda cheesy but it worked 😂

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