How to Call a Woman For the First Time – A Step by Step Guide to Set Up Your First Date

So you got yourself a phone number did ya? Well that’s great news! As long as you didn’t get it at gunpoint you should be proud of yourself. Most guys don’t have the balls to approach a woman then go for her phone number, so no matter what comes of the situation, make sure you dwell on this success. It’s a great accomplishment! But we don’t want to stop there do we? NO! We want to make a great first phone call that will make this cute little gyurl want to hang out with us in person. So let’s discuss exactly how we can do that.

First, let’s talk about the general “vibe” of that first contact. The initial phone call should be fun, mellow, and ended by you on a high note (preferably with her laughing and wanting more). And, if all goes according to plan, with a date set up. When making the first phone call you should go for the immediate laugh. This will break the ice and lay a great foundation for some of the techniques you’re going to drop on her throughout the conversation.

Women want to get a feel for how you are and how you treat her before agreeing to go on a date with you. BUT, this really depends on your situation. It depends on where you met, if you have mutual friends, etc. so play your situations as they come, but as a general rule of thumb, most girls really appreciate it when you show a little phone game before going in for the date.

Now, when should you call? Well, that’s a great question because most guys wait about 3 days. This was fine back in the nineteen hundreds when calling the next day seemed needy, but nowadays almost all women know about the “3 day rule,” and they’ll think less of you if you follow it. So what we suggest is to go ahead and call the next day. Almost all our hot female friends and girlfriends agree to this, and if you bring a good phone conversation, the time of your call really doesn’t matter that much. Also, it shows you have balls enough to break the rules, which is great for building attraction.

If I got the girls’ phone number in a bar or a club and we don’t know each other that well yet, I like to call them and talk for at least 10 minutes or so. Depending on the vibe I’m getting from her I might even end the conversation when she’s laughing and not even go for the date. This shows that I value her conversation which is more important to women than anything else. Plus, most guys go for the hang out immediately, and that makes women feel cheap. Calling a girl for the first time with no other intention than to chat her up shows that you’re a fun loving guy, and you’re intentions are not entirely obvious.

One effective technique I like to use when making the first phone call is to pretend that I’m a debt collections guy calling from a bank. I might say, in my best bank manager voice, that she’s in trouble with the IRS because she defaulted on one of her loans. While the conversation continues I keep pushing the bar further and further, until it’s obvious that it can’t be real. I say stuff like: “Oh, and I see you refinanced your machine gun nest that sits on your roof. I’m showing her that the loan is not paid off yet.” When they finally do begin to realize you’re just messing with them, many women will start to play along. Eventually she’ll say: “Alright, who the heck is this?!” Then when you finally tell her, you two can have a good laugh about it. This creates the perfect ice-breaking vibe for the conversation. And taking women through an emotional roller coaster is extremely effective for building attraction. You should take this idea and spin your own unique intro. Field test them with a variety of different girls and keep the ones that work. What works for me may not work for you and vice versa, so you have to get out there and field test your ideas. Your delivery and belief in the routine is 90% of the battle.

After speaking with her for a few minutes, and right when you get her laughing really hard, just shoot straight in and ask: “You seem like a fun girl. What’s your week looking like?” This sentence is a great one to use because it basically makes her list all the days she has free that week. It’s much better than asking her to hang out on a certain day while hoping she doesn’t already have plans. When she tells you all the days she happens to have free that week you can say: “Oh, that’s perfect. On such and such day (one of the days that she has off) I’m doing this really cool thing, you should come with me… ” (As a side note here, it’s really important to convey that you were going to do this thing anyway, and if she doesn’t come you’re still going to do it). If you know she likes to be teased, you could even say: “I’ll take you with me, but only if you promise to behave yourself and not talk about your job at Burger King… “

If there’s one thing to remember from this article it’s this: You have to get her buying temperature up before shooting in with the “date” request. Asking right away is the single biggest mistake men make, so don’t do it!

If you do at least half of these things correctly SHE will be asking YOU to hang out. If you like some of my ideas, check out for more great advice. Thanks for reading.

Source by Mark Sing

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