Horrific killers who were CAUGHT by KARMA

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All were killers, all from different continents but all evil. Crimes of rape and murder and the guilt that took them to the police.

We find out what they did and how they came to be in custody and put away for good.

In today’s video we look at How these TWISTED killers were stopped!
1.Wayne Adam Ford,
2.Javed Iqbal
3.William Inmon

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Inspired by: The Most TWISTED Case You’ve Ever Heard | Documentary
Inspired by: Beheaded In The Street – Lee Rigby’s Tragic Murder
Inspired by: How A Rolex Unravelled A Killers Web Of Lies | The Case Of Albert Walker

On The Mysterious & Creepy we will go through Horror Stories, Weird History and various stories involving a coldcase. Stay tuned for the latest true scary story, amazing facts, and stories about crime victims.

Check out DEATH ROW MEALS: https://youtu.be/ZRCNTMbPBKg

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2 thoughts on “Horrific killers who were CAUGHT by KARMA”

  1. That is absolutely insane that a country will allow a convicted serial killer to face a punishment of death in the same manner he inflicted on his victims. No way that would ever happen in the Western world.
    What a cop out though him committing suicide before hand though, what a pussy of a man, cowards way out.

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