28 thoughts on “Hailey Gives Birth | Unexpected”

  1. So not only did this YOUNG lady get pregnant, the mums in the kitchen making tea whilst the two youngsters are still at it like rabbits in her bedroom. Fantastic role model right there. Hope the couple and baby are doing good

  2. So sad, teen pregnancy has nothing to be proud of. You can see how immature she is saying "I was afraid the baby will come of my Kutci". Where I come from, unless you are ultra Orthodox (and married) 95% of teen pregnancy ends up with abortion. As it should be.

  3. Have these kids learned nothing? Stop having sex!!! And shame on their parents for allowing it. Her mom is letting him be in her room, just the two of them alone. Give your head a shake for Christ sake

  4. it doesn't surprise me that this family lives in a house on cinder blocks. If you don't want to end up a grandparent at 30, get your daughter on birth control as soon as possible.

  5. when I get pregnant boy or a girl, i will be having Gender Reveal like a lot of Gender reveals many of Gender Reveals without knowing because it's will be a surprise 😮 shhh it's a surprise 🤫

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