Going Undercover in London’s Brothels | Investigators

Sex slavery in London is on the rise. A sophisticated network of human trafficking stretches from Eastern Europe right into the heart of the most expensive postcode in London: Mayfair.

These high-class brothels are controlled by Albanian gangs who force women into prostitution against their will, take all the profits and effectively turn them into sex slaves. Famous politicians, footballers and business tycoons are among the clientele, paying up to £300 an hour for sex and cocaine, fuelling the industry to grow.

After being approached by a pimp on a night out, investigative journalist Tam Hussein then teamed up with ITV News correspondent Lucy Watson to expose the entire operation. Tam went undercover into a brothel to show exactly how they operate, to confirm that the women are there against their will – and to expose how this is happening in plain sight across the streets of London.

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50 thoughts on “Going Undercover in London’s Brothels | Investigators”

  1. I wanted to be a sex escort as many men always want to be my slave and have things done to them .. If it wasn't against my religion I would do it .. but I couldn't do what these women do .. the trafficker is being paid. Poor women 😭

  2. only non muslim girls are in this brothels , because muslim girl can't be a prostitute , they have only one mission in life get married to a islamic man produce kids to takeover non Muslim lands

  3. Men have needs.
    Dosnt matter if you like it or not.
    This will go on and is going on since forever.

    Make it legal and take the bussines away from the mafia. Its as simple as that.

    I imagine any politician that would propose such a thing would be destroyed by the corrupt media …

  4. I live in Romania and a lot of poor girls go to England to prostitute themselves on theyre own…..sure there are trafficked girls but most of them go by themselves knowing the risks…..they end up as hostages for debts and so on…..the problem is in my country not england…..most of the pimps are foreign

  5. The media needs to name & expose the identities of the users… especially the politicians, because it is those "leaders" who can make a difference through laws & influence at a government, police & law court level.

  6. Just one question. Why sex-working is not allowed ? What is wrong if seone pays money for pleasure? And another takes money to satisfy the first and finance their life activities.

  7. First problem we have is we cant believe a word the British press say .
    Its time it was licensed and legalised . That way they would be safe and pay tax . No point in trying to stop the oldest profession in the World .

  8. These people are complete idiots. They are conflating human trafficking with conditions of poverty in Eastern Europe with prostitution in general. Complete joke.

  9. Why this material was shown to police to take action? By uk law, you do crime even just to watch and don't respond, report.. Its same like to watch murder /kill of someone – what should do?

  10. This is what happens when you let a load of bloody immigrants into Britain, it turns into a complete Dump, just like America , full of Third World Trash, it’s a Disgrace.

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