GERMANY TO PAKISTAN ON MOTORCYCLE LAST EP. 52 | Arriving Home in Nankana Sahib

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This is the 52nd Episode of my Bike ride to Pakistan and India from Germany on BMW G310GS. In this episode, I started my day from Mekhtar Balochistan by taking the scenic route of Fort Munro and Multan. After being on the road for approx. 80 days, I covered 17000km by visiting numerous places along the way, I finally arrived in my home town Nankana Sahib, Punjab.

The Map of my route:

Songs I used in this Vlog:
Human Spirit by Hans Johnson Artlist
Myth by Zac Nelson Artlist
ill keep driving by When Mountains Move Artlist
Indian Summer by Ketil Lien Artlist
la-la-la-love-you-like by Duce Williams Artlist
Nenas song Kenya by Hans Johnson Artlist
Elysium by Roman P Artlist

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36 thoughts on “GERMANY TO PAKISTAN ON MOTORCYCLE LAST EP. 52 | Arriving Home in Nankana Sahib”

  1. It is a great feat. You have achieved something great. Your parents must be proud of you
    You have gained invaluable life experiences during this journey
    Watching your videos should inspire all youngsters.

  2. I had seen couple of moto vlogs made by our Indian bikers traveling to mountainous regions and they did a brave attempt. But you are incredible man.. You literally hooked me like millions of your followers with such an brave attempt to ride all the way from Germany to Pakistan.. It's indeed a jaw dropping experience.. I could feel the emotion which might have built within you when you might have reached the shores of your country and finally to your home sweet home. May Allah bless you and may the almighty guide you for another journey fostering love and bringing forth the truth of universal brotherhood. I learnt from your vlogs how people from different nationalities.. communities are bestowed with so much of love, respect and hospitality towards a fellow human.. Your vlogs showcased the true spirit of human civilization which hitherto is totally blanketed behind a false smoke screen of negativity and falsity. People in general are so kind unlike what is being shown in TV screens.. My best wishes to you for your future endeavors.. Love from Cuttack city in India 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  3. What a journey that was with beautiful landscapes, cities, villages and people. Full of joy and emotions. We meet the Europeans, the arabs, the Persians and pakistani communities whom we did not know about before. We feel the taste of breakfast, launch and dinner of so many countries, cities and hotels also through your journey. The was a magnificent journey for me especially because of history lover. Stay blessed and hope you will find other destinations of some other countries for your next journey.

  4. Watched till the end, I don't know why I got emotional in the ending video.
    You are a struggler, strong, honorable, sensible, great and greatest. I love you so much Abrar bhai….❤️
    Many prayers for you…❤️

  5. Aslamualikum abrar bahi hum ne ab dekah h apka te safar MashahAllah bgt himat h apki Allah pak aur b himat dy ap tou chah gy ho zabrdast MashahAllah👍

  6. I just finished watching this journey..
    It was absolutely amazing and breathtaking! Love the way you kept us connected throughout! Hatts off to your courage and ur positive attitude. Lots of love from 🇬🇧

  7. Hi
    My brother ( Bhai) I watched your entire videos , your journey , your courage , your smile
    😁, Your simplicity, your patience etc… Is mind blowing, out of the world 🌎 Bhai I fall in 💕 love with you.
    Keep it up
    God , allha, shiv, Bramha , Vishnu ,all bless you & your family
    From Partho Banerjee

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