Escort interview-Meiko

Soft White Underbelly interview and portrait of Meiko, an escort in Los Angeles.

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43 thoughts on “Escort interview-Meiko”

  1. So many experts here making diagnosis. Oh she's not repressed, laughs, enjoys connecting with men and god forbid gets paid for it? Yep that sounds like clinically depressed human to me! Clearly we live in society that tells us to put people in boxes, regardless of what their own story is. I love her! It's rare and refreshing to see someone be free despite societal norms!

  2. Seems like she's enjoying life. She made it thru the tough times. So now she's got a story to tell. Of course she was taken advantage of as a child which is most likely why she chose her profession but it seems her perspective has caused her to accept all she goes thru and have a good attitude about life as she moves forward in it. I think she's happy because she's always progressed in her profession. Some people like what they do regardless of how others feel about it. There's freedom in loving what you do for a living.

  3. Meiko breifly touched on the subject of writing a book. I would encourage her to write a book about her life 's journey. In addition to potentially having a good book, it may be the way to fund her retirement.

  4. imm currently not working but to me she looked tired n drained like she work her knees n body all night regardless of tryna glamorize it she really was calling out for help silently cause this kind of work does drains u n have u exhausted n tired af she laughs as to use for a defense learn to fake it to make it laugh the pain away like I can't be saved once a Hoe always a Hoe o well happy go lucky it is that's what I got from her and that's the kind of energy that I had Got from her but once u get the Job that u been applying for Then !!! Take it Cause I'ma keep applying after 2failed interview n the manager having less patience w/me I refuse to give up I'ma keep calling !!! Them Jobs n keep getting job calls I dnt see this as a career !!!
    I will have these 2 jobs soon ❤️

  5. Y'all are trying to decipher her "facade"? She's human. She's been through some shit. She has a GREAT attitude and she is STRONG. if that's a facade, more power to her. She's awesome.

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