Escort interview-Frenchie

Soft White Underbelly interview and portrait of Frenchie, an escort based in Southern California.
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43 thoughts on “Escort interview-Frenchie”

  1. Frenchie asked me to relay this message to my viewers….

    Mark…and all of you STELLAR viewers:
    I wanted to take a minute to sincerely thank you for the opportunity to tell my story on your channel.
    In a very strange way… we’re all voyeurs in our own manners and seek for strange /crazy /sad / intense / unique / entertaining fucked story to keep our fucked up minds entertained! Why ? Why it always has to be extreme or sad to be impactful or interesting?

    I told myself …
    What if for once they actually hear a happy story ?
    Cause I genuinely do not have much of sad in my life…
    Challenges? Hardship ? Bad luck ?
    Hello? Who doesn’t ? I’m not blessed by some gods, I just decided to make any lemon a beautiful drink that keeps me refreshed. Did I have to deal with my share of FUCKED UP? come on now! Definitely
    But I decided to truly be in control of my destiny and happiness

    “You are crazy to go public frenchie, think about the consequences!”
    Consequences of what?
    I have one single little TINY life to inspire anyone that needed to be
    Yes you’re beautiful
    Yes you’re strong
    Yes you’re important
    NOOOOOO you don’t need NO PIMP to “ manage you”
    No you don’t need crack to escape
    No you are not worthless
    No you aren’t weak
    We ALL have one chance , it’s fragile and important to GRAB ANY OPPORTUNITY

    Life is this game of choices! I told you to watch The movie “ run Lola run”
    It’s such an exceptional film.
    One second is enough to make it up or fuck it up and YOU- ARE -IN – CHARGE – OF – YOUR – DESTINY
    No pimp will never level to what uou can bring your OWN SELF!

    I promise I’m coming back to tell you more stories
    I have more than one tales in my purse so buckle up for some truth telling
    Let’s talk about the brothels and how we get treated there
    Allow me to unfold stuff you didn’t know about …
    It’s good
    It’s bad
    It’s ugly
    Welcome to the sex workers’s reality
    You though you knew?
    Oh baby
    No way you did
    Let me tell your a story !
    Once upon a time… in a very small town called Carson City where I opened a Pandora box with many twist and turns, a little clueless French girl without any skills made it on an industry she didn’t even know about.
    Get ready for the
    The bad
    And the ugly

    Coming up soon : serious truth telling
    You though you knew about working girls
    Think again
    Let me tell you a story …

  2. I really liked listening to Miss 'Frenchie Rose' 🌹interview. Caught my attention. She has that karma, ying/yang ☯️ outlook on life.
    I read some of the comments stating that she's a good story teller and maybe faking her life story.
    Well I hope indeed she's truthful.
    If not , nevermind , I like it !!
    Hopefully in the future she will do another interview with Mark.
    Thanks Miss 'Frenchie' 👍💗

  3. This woman was schooled and lived in Europe then subsequently America. It would be obvious to those that have. Her accent is a combination.
    Francesca cannot stop working but underneath that perpetual hustle is a disappointed angry wounded but ultimately resilient rebel soldier. IMO.
    She lost her Soul that night to Barbie & Ken and can’t find her way back. I bet that opportunity fired her brain with electrifying dopamine for years and years of elicit pursuit.
    I hope she’s stacked her money high. I hope she gets time for therapy although she probably sees it as a grift and the pursuit of meh.

  4. She's speaking English yet there are subtitles ?!? bad subtitles. I've been enjoying this series of interviews, but this one didn't hold my interest at all. She has sex with people for money but she's not a prostitute. Yeah, right.

  5. incredible story,you make your own decisions in life and when Frenchie says yes alot of people,maybe 99% will say no so good for her,Shes a very strong willed person with with a shiny personality ,she reminds me of Bridget Bardot in a way.I hope life continues to be what you want,would be nice to get an update in a few years,all the best Frenchie.

  6. She's very charismatic…The stories she tells – either she's super lucky at every turn or crossroad in life or she enjoys embellishing and adding flair. LOL! Regardless, it was extremely fascinating and my favorite interview so far. She did do her twin sister dirty, though. Who talks about their twin like that? Either she had intense sibling rivalry that soured her greatly, or she is more damaged/flawed than she lets on.

  7. Easy to see how people can project onto her-she defies definition. I get why the money is so attractive considering the options out there. I just hope that she really is happy. Yes, Beautiful smart-all of it and clever. Definitely one of a kind….

  8. not a good idea to start an interview on your channel before bed thinking im just gonna watch a few minutes lol…riveting…do u purposefully choose people who are articulate and good storytellers?

  9. Did y’all check her story a little bit? French don’t pronounce things this way. French say don’t say H. It a very strange accent.
    Only saying. Did anyone hear her French?? 🤷🏻‍♀️

  10. She's going to be old, and F'd out, and nobody will want her. No life partner, who loves you no matter what, with adult children who love you, and will comfort you when you leave this world. You may make a lot of money, but where do you go to buy back your self-respect? The older you get, the more make-up you need, because the more clear it becomes what kind of life you've lived. A life of sin becomes obvious, and SHOWS. Makeup ONLY goes so far to hide the truth. Just another "empty-headed broad"

  11. Frenchie could charm the birds from the trees.I could sit and listen to her talk for hours on end and still want more.I’d say she should write a book but would it even be as interesting without the mischievous twinkle in her eyes and that seductive accent? I hope she cleverly invests her money while she is still young enough to make it or come up with a new way to generate capital when she’s too old to keep doing what she’s doing now. After all she is turning 40 this year ( 2023) .From her looks now she could conceivably keep doing what she’s doing for a few more years.Oooo maybe that’s her time to write her book.Make your name and your money while you can now Frenchie so that when the time comes when you can’t or don’t want to keep escorting you can either just retire and live a life of leisure or you can write your memoir á la The Happy Hooker. OR become a Madame OR open a school for girls who aspire to be a high priced/ high class escort.Open your own version of The Bunny Ranch.

  12. Wish her all rhe best … but these are stories not for my ears … first time i feel very desinterested .. will try later .. i know you all are very interested in me saying this 🙂 ..

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