First time I have add a bold foto in my work, I have been a bit confuse before adding this foto, I knew my Pakistani friends will criticize me about this foto but I would like to tell you the hard life of the She males, In Pakistan Shemale zero value, Sometime guy kill them after sex or fuck, They can’t do jobs in offices, Mostly she male are uneducated and poor, Now a days Shemale beg money on the road and they do sex with many males, They also dance on the wedding and birthday parties but Peoples tease them. Sometime guys snatch their hair, slap them and call them with harsh words, I think they are so sensitive and helpless persons. I hope you will like the sad report of the Pakistani She males.
Yesterday I met this shemale at a wedding party and I requested him for foto all of you. She male are only entertainment or they are Human too.? Thanks

Posted by Bobby dar on 2012-09-05 03:25:12

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