Desert Women Morning Routine Pakistan | Village Life Pakistan | Traditional Desert Village Food

This video shows the daily routine and culture of the people living in Punjab, Pakistan. Usually desert village women daily routine is to make butter from yogurt and “Lassi Drink” (remaining of yogurt after taking butter from yogurt by blending it). She cook breakfast in the morning. She also prepare their children for school. When children goes to school and husband go to office or at their work place, the women clean the home, washes dishes and cloth. She also prepare lunch for the children and husband in noon. She makes chapati in tandoor (mud oven). The children come to home in noon. The women present them food and care them. She also cook dinner in night.
Special Dish is Sangri go Sag Roti and butter paratha with desi or organic sugar in cholistan desert and Punjab villages, in this video a old desert women making butter from curd or yogurt by using hand driven wooden blender. Organic sugar that is also a form of jaggery , locally called “shukker” also makes delicious combination with fresh butter when you put on hot Paratha.
Their husband routine is grazing their animals. They sales cow’s milk and cow to meet their basic necessities of daily routine. Men daily went outside of house with their animal for grazing and return back in evening. They also arrange wood for cooking from desert. Women cooking and take care of children’s at home.


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