BOMBSHELL Lauren Boebert Report Exposes Serious Dirt Hidden In Her Past

The American Muckrakers PAC has just dropped an explosive press release about Lauren Boebert alleging that she once served as an unlicensed escort for a member of the Koch family, who she met Sen. Ted Cruz through, and even got two abortions during her career in sex work. While there’s obviously nothing wrong with sex work and being a sex worker, there is a huge problem with her hypocritical rhetoric surrounding abortions and sex work in general. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian discuss on The Young Turks. Watch LIVE weekdays 6-8 pm ET.

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“Read our Press Release on Lauren Boebert’s Escort Career and Abortion”


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45 thoughts on “BOMBSHELL Lauren Boebert Report Exposes Serious Dirt Hidden In Her Past”

  1. The problem with prostitution is that there's no way to respect yourself doing it. It damages psyches. This root cause fits the problem. Boebert acts like someone who does not respect themselves. She clearly sees her appearance as a strength. That kind of thinking fits "former prostitute". It is entirely plausible. I am watching this develop.

  2. Yeah she sucked some things and put some things in her back side and swallowed some other things …..but she is in the government so she is better than you

  3. HIGH SCHOOL DROP OUT Bobert 🍊Adolt UNFIT Unqualified for Congress. Bobert Violent AR15 KAREN (Per American Muckrakers Pact: Bobert was a Hooker???? (2) Abortions????)

  4. i find it hard to believe Boebert made any money i mean the only reason anyone with a modicum of taste would only have sex with her if they were too lazy to masturbate lol

  5. So, the young turks should be concentrating on biden & the dummycrats since they are doing nothing about fentanyl & the border crisis!! You 2 need to go on the View & be with like-minded IDIOTS!! funny how YOU are the only ones who know all of this!!

  6. Whether it was $126,000 or $75,000, it all goes along way, paying for "favors" for Ted Cruz! Maybe Boebert didn't understand the money she made doing "favors" while working for the Escort Service, still had to be reported for tax purposes…

  7. Not even surprised. The GOP will ignore the background check to get one additional vote in congress as long as they're the leading republican candidate. I remember that there was a website for mugshots. That's the republican's way of democracy in the US.

  8. I have saying that the Americans are so rotten and dirty and here is the proof unbelievable corrupt and dirty. And you call america the land of the brave and free .you morons must call America the land of the corrupt and genocidal dirty lyers

  9. What the TYT staff reveal here is there true characters. They should be working for Harvey Levin. These two are some of the sleaziest people I have ever seen!

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