Adventure In Lahore : I Promised You I Will DO This !

I explored Lahore’s culture and heritage by entering through the Delhi Gate. The city’s diverse past was reflected in its architecture and traditions, which I experienced while wandering through the bustling streets. My aim was to find fulfill a special promise I made to my viewers.. I left with a deeper appreciation for its culture and a desire to return and explore more.

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49 thoughts on “Adventure In Lahore : I Promised You I Will DO This !”

  1. We all family watch you vlogs all togaher on larger TV screen and enjoy a lot ,but one problem is still there, what is 'Baal Wala' we are dieing to know this secret,will you let us know?

  2. All historical places, religious places, monuments and other historical buildings are finally noticed by the government of Punjab. A Lahore Walled City Project is established and funded by the World Bank through its heritage preservation programme. Religious hatred is never productive. It is also important that visitors from India should be allowed to see their ancestral places. No barricades should be there. Most Pakistanis are open minded now.

  3. It was dishearting to sea area being eatin away by Azam Cloth Market Merchant.Spoiling the real culture of Lahore.
    I am talking about Sheranwala Gate, Line Subhaan Khan, Hizri Mohalla, Hizri Mohalla Pipal Darakht Wala, Bangla Ayoub Shah, Chonna Mandi, Rara Taylian, Kashmiri Mohalla where I spent my childhood and young life.

    The occupants have little sympathaty with the cleanliness, tranquality, environment and face of classic moghal structured houses being replaced with multistoried buildings harbouring clothes and alien peoples from KPK and Typical Pandoo Punjabies.

  4. Good, History, Social life, Old Civilization.Its true Lahore Pakistan is One of the Famous , Attractive. Places, People in Lahore.Great efforts to tell real history.Hope you Would like to shares Where , Where you live now.Thanks sharing Good for All who love

  5. آپ کمال شخصیت کے مالک ہیں، ماشاءاللہ پر اثر گھمبیر آواز، اردو کیا اعلی معیار کی بولتے ہیں اور وڈیو انتہائی دلچسپ۔
    کون ہیں آپ

  6. sir , i am from india punjab…just few days back i seen your videos…from first visual i became a fan of urs….kya andaz e byaan kya awaaz kya itihaas ko btane ka hunnar kya itihas ki ruhh main ander takk uttarne ka hunnar….bakmmal lajwab bemisaal……lagta haiii joo peeshe shutt gaya thaaa usee aap ruburuuu kar rehe hai duniya kee..jioo sir jeoo…🙏🙏🙏🙏👍👍👍

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