5 Compliments That Make Women Melt

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Women love compliments, but most guys don’t know the best way to give compliments which makes them almost meaningless and at worse puts him in the category of “just like every other dude”. So let’s go over 5 compliments women love to hear and the most effective way of using them.

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39 thoughts on “5 Compliments That Make Women Melt”

  1. Don't waste your time with a woman altogether…it's for bullsht….a man can accelerate without a woman..she will take his money, destroy his emotion and mind, cause all kind of drama, start to try and upset him by flirting or talking with another guy etc…a relationship with a woman is self destruction for a man…and the guy does all this for a woman putting his whole life aside and in the end of the day….what is it all for? So she can say "I love you"….? LOVE IS EVOL

  2. I just commented on a girl's Instagram and wrote " absolutely exuberating" Which means she always is joyful , full of energy and cheerfulness (very happy as she alwats tries to make other people feel just as happy aswell as herself).

    I also wrote in brackets (joyful, full of energy and cheerfulness) at the side of my comment " absolutely exuberating" so she know's what it means.

    I admit i think she is very attractive, beautiful, gorgeous , stunning e.t.c , but you want to say something about her personality just as much as her appearance, especially since a lot of people use the words like beautiful, gorgeous, stunning e.t.c. and she's probably heard it all before , time and time again whhch probably won't mean that nuch to her or touch her as much.

    "Absolutely exuberating" are two words that she's probably never heard of before or not heard as much as beautiful , gorgeous, stunning e.g. and i ment that comment that is why i wrote it on her instagram comments , not just saying it for the hell of it to make her feel special and beautiful like some people would probably do. Even though my intention is to make her feel beautiful , gorgeous , stunning because she definitely is, but mention something about her personality especially if you have kept picking up on it , like i have with her, that is why i noticed she's always a positive person and i don't think i have ever seen her be negative once and that is why she is " absolutely exuberating" (Full of Joyfulness, full of energy and full of cheerfulness.)

  3. 1,,When do i get to see you again.
    2 compliment there Style.
    3.. complete her part of body..like ears feet elbows..not sexcul
    4.. complete her personality…humour ..brain ..

  4. I would say that you don't want to compliment the feet in some cultures. At least here in Denmark a lot of people joke about creepy guys that are into foot fetishes. So saying you got "sexy feet" might make her more distant to you.

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